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Motorcycle repair collection

When operating the starter, there's only a clicking sound.Brake light switch(es) or kick stand switch defective.Yamaha YP125 Majesty
There are engine misfires when releasing the accelerator and when going in the lower band of revolutions. The engine chokes briefly when accelerating.Maybe there's a hole in the exhaust. Maybe the mixture is too rich, if necessary clean the air filter (do not wash, only beat or replace). Check if all the screws for measuring the CO-values are still in the exhaust manifold. Check the gaskets between the cylinder head and the manifold, as well as the one between the manifold and the sound absorber.Yamaha R1
With about 3500 revolutions, there are sounds in every gear. It sounds like scraping or grinding. No noises in idle speed.Maybe the chain is too dry or too loose. Perhaps a metal has loosened itself in the manifold. Perhaps the license plate is fastened with only two screws.Yamaha XJR1300
The motorcycle dies off abruptly while driving. But only when accelerating heavily. Actuating the starter thereafter, the engine starts again immediately, but often with a backfire. The spark plugs and the air filter were already replaced.Check the tank ventilation. Clean the battery poles and lubricate them with terminal grease.Yamaha XVS1100
The motorcycle often dies off when warm. Mainly when suddenly releasing the gas.When accompanied by raised fuel consumption it might be the carburetor and/or the nozzle holders. Clean them, if necessary. Perhaps worn out nozzle needles. Check, whether the injection control device version is up to date. If necessary replace the TPS Sensor (throttle valve sensor, it is a potentiometer).Yamaha GTS 1000
The right winkers don't work anymore.Open the left side handlebar switch. The winker switch has three connections. Check whether the solder joint of the green cable is under voltage. If not, the switch is defective, otherwise: check the combination plug at the lamp and the cable all the way to find the missing contact.Yamaha XV125
The motorcycle stalled while driving, since then it cannot be started again.While kicking gauge the battery voltage. If it rises when kicking, the ignition coil is defective. If not, it's the alternator.Yamaha TTR
After having driven for about one mile, the bike abruptly dies off.Check, whether the filter in the petrol tap is jammed.Yamaha DT80
After standing for a week, the engine though starts directly, but thereafter immediately dies off. After that, the spark plugs are wet. Sometimes there are backfires.The carburetors have to be synchronized.Yamaha YZF750 1993
From 10500 upm on, the motorcycle starts to buck. The fuel consumption has risen.Probably the carburetor is bedraggled and the nozzle needles have to be replaced. Thereafter the carburetors have to be synchronized again.Yamaha YZF750R
The scooter has grown louder and louder since about some hundred miles. A roaring beating, added to the normal engine noise. Now it has died off while driving all of a sudden and starts no more. The starter rotates, but generates only a loud, uniform humming.The timing chain has jumped for one or two sprockets. Now the piston has bent the valves. Possible cause is a defective crank shaft bearing, from which parts may have fallen between cam chain and its drive at the crank shaft. The engine is defective: a new engine is due.Yamaha YP125 Majesty
The starter sometimes seems not to move out correctly and turns freely.The starter freewheel is defective and must be replaced.Yamaha XV 1100 Virago
As soon as the engine is started and runs, oil leaks. It seems to come from the sprocket cover. However, there is nothing under it.The shaft sealing ring of the gear box downthrust shaft is defective.Yamaha SR500
The battery consumes a lot of water, it has to be refilled permanently.The alternator regulator is defective.Yamaha FZR600
When reving up several times in in idle speed, there are backfires in the air filter. Sometimes so violently, that it presses out the air filter sealing.In case the carburetor adjustment and the carburetor synchronization are OK, check whether the hose connections in the suction pipe are not leaky, if necessary seal them.Yamaha Virago XV 1000
The clutch slips when accelerating. It has been repaired several times already.The clutch discs and springs have to be replaced, if necessary by stronger ones.Yamaha FJ1200
The motorcycle runs very roughly after starting. The front cylinder fires only sporadically. The engine produces backfires in the carburetor and the exhaust. The spark plugs and the plug connectors are new.The valve clearance is probably too narrow or the ignition cables were interchanged. If necessary dismount the carburetor and clean the needles.Yamaha XV750
After having gone for about 20 miles (30 km), the fuel supply of the carburetors fails. Though the fuel pump runs, it does not deliver fuel.The tank ventilation is jammed or a hose is burried snapped off.Yamaha Virago 535
The clutch doesn't separate anymore, the clutch lever shows no resistance.The slave cylinder of the hydraulic clutch actuation is probably leaking. It must be dismounted and cleaned, then put in a suitable sealing set.Yamaha FJ1200