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Motorcycle repair collection

With low engine speed, no matter if with cold or warm engine, the engine runs normally at first, then the engine speed drops and it dies off. With medium engine speed there is fuel dropping from the left ventilation and it runs only on three cylinders. The nozzles were cleaned.Disassemble the carburetors. Possible causes: Soiling, a damaged float pin, etc.Suzuki Bandit
When taking away the gas and braking, it slams in the exhaust. The spark plugs were already replaced.There is unburnt gasoline in the exhaust. Squalid combustion, ignition shifted, mixture to rich, etc. Check the valve clearance of the outlet valves.Suzuki TL 1000 S
From the second gear on, the engine speed will not exceed 7000 UPM. On the speedway it does not run for more than 75 mph (110 km/h). The two outer left spark plug are sooted.Have the carburetors synchronized. The carburetor is too rich, the right one too lean. Possibly the carburetors are defective. Replace the carburetors.Suzuki GSX 550
When accelerating, the 6. gear exits all by itself.Possibly the gear selector fork is worn out and/or twisted or the gear wheel worn out. The engine has to be disassembled.Suzuki GSXR 750 W
The bike does not start. Actuating the starter button, nothing happens.Possibly the battery is weak or the starter button defective. Check the starter relay: pull off the cable of the starter at the starter relay - switch on the ignition - check the closing function at the connectors of the relay with an ohmmeter while keeping the starter button pushed. If the relay does not switch, there has to be done a resistance check on the coil. The nominal value is 3 to 4 ohm. If the error is still not to be localized, all switching elements have to be checked. Starter check: dismantle the starter. The wear limit of the carbon brushes is 9 mm. Replace worn out or damaged rods. Clean the collector surface. With abrasive paper of graining 400 the lamellas can be carefully cleaned. Thereafter wipe off with a clean, dry cloth. Make sure to check the minimal freedom from undercut of 0,2 mm. Check the armature winding with an ohmmeter: connect the sensors between lamellas and core and between the lamellas, should the winding be short circuited with ground or disconnected, the armature has to be replaced.Suzuki
The clutch slides. The clutch linings are not worn out.The clutch springs have to be replaced.Suzuki GSX 400 E
The scooter can be started no more, although a new battery was built in. When attempting to start, fuel runs from overflow hose.Probably the float needle of the carburetor hangs. Clean the carburetor ("ultrasonic bath").Suzuki AN125
High fuel consumption. The fuel runs into the engine block.The petrol tap is set on "PRI".Suzuki GSXR 750 W
When pulling the choke, the engine dies off.Check the carburetor air escape hose for a kink.Suzuki GS500
The engine died off while driving. The electrical system is dead. The main fuse permanently blasts.The alternator or its control unit are defective.Suzuki GSX 1100 E
When stopping after driving for some miles, the engine speed slowly drops until the engine dies off.The cable control of the choke has to be replaced.Suzuki GSX 600 F
Twice already the engine died off when shifting into idle. After some minutes it always fired up again. Oil and fuel are OK. The bike has a mileage of about 1200 miles.Possibly the fuel tap is defective.Suzuki GSF600S Bandit
When driving the motorbike, there is a squeaking noise.The noise comes from the driving belt. Check the tension of the belt with the belt gauge from the bike tool kit and if necessary correct it. To adjust with the screws at the fork end, at first the hub of the rear wheel has to be loosened. Possibly the belt is rubbing against the flanking belt guide at the rear wheel. Belt and belt wheel have to be exactly aligned.Suzuki LS650
Oil leaks at the fastening screws of the cylinder head.That's a known, construction related problem of the fastening of the cylinder head on the frame. The licensed garages have correction instructions from the manufacturer.Suzuki XF650 Freewind
With cold engine, below 180°F (80°C), the running characteristics and the throttle reaction, are extremely poor. Slightly bucks when going with constant speed. The bike was completely reconditioned and tuned up already.Replace the ECU 02FK0, that is probably installed, with an ECU 02F41.Suzuki TL 1000 S
The bike doesn't run beyond 75 mph (120 kmh), and in the fourth and fifth gear it has heavy dropouts beyond about 6500 rpm. As if it briefly would not get any fuel. In the lower gears it accelerates without problems for the entire rev range. The carburetors have already been cleaned.The tank ventilation is possibly burried with kinks or is jammed.Suzuki GS500E
After the scooter has run warm after about 10 minutes, it react only very poor on the throttle, shows quite a loss of performance and puts out fume.The e-choke is probably defective. Check and if necessary replace it.Suzuki Katana 50
The scooter stutters extremely between 12 and 20 mph (20 and 35 kmh). The carburetor has been cleaned and the air filter replaced.Check the condition of the v-belt and the clutch for wearout.Suzuki Katana AY50