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Motorcycle repair collection

There is oil under the scratches rennet cover and the main stand.The oil seal ring of the transmission output shaft is leaking.Kawasaki GPX
When operating the starter button, there is no reaction. The neutral switch was already replaced. The relay does not even click. The battery is charged, the starter is OK. The fuses are fine.Perhaps the starter switch, the starter relay or a small auxiliary relay in the fuse box is defective.Kawasaki GPZ 600R
When driving (partially also in the idle speed) there is a rattling or nailing.Perhaps there is a worn out or broken track at the camshaft chain, the chain tension adjuster is worn out or the camshaft chain has lengthened. Perhaps the valves: clearance too high or the camshaft is worn out. Gauge the valve clearance and, if necessary, control cam height (repair manual). Possibly there is a connecting rod bearing damage ahead (gauge the oil pressure). By worn out bearing boxes more oil can escape and the pressure would fall.Kawasaki GPZ 550H
When shifting from 5. to 4. gear, the neutral lamp lights up.Check the cables of the neutral indicator switch. It is located beneath the scratches rennet cover on the left.Kawasaki GPX 600R
Between 5000 and 7000 revolutions, a cylinder has dropouts.Synchronize the carburetors.Kawasaki GPZ 500S
The bike does not reach more than 100 km/h and also does not rev-up well.Check RAM-Air system, whether all the hoses are connected properly.Kawasaki
The engine stalls while driving in warm condition, not depending on speed or load.Fuel supply is insufficient. Carburetor soiled, a hose is kinked, the nozzles or the filter in the tank jammed.Kawasaki 252
No ignition spark arrives at the spark plug. The starter rotates. The CDI, ignition cable, connector and spark plug are OK. The ignition coil is supplied with voltage when the ignition is on.Check the pulse generator: remove the connector, gauge the resistance between the connections (190-400 ohms with this model). When showing essential divergences, replace the coil. Then check every line against ground, the resistance has to be infinite in each case, otherwise replace the pulse generator.Kawasaki EL250E 1994
The motorcycle runs only on one cylinder. The other one gets no ignition spark.Check spark plug and ignition-cable. Make sure that the respective ignition coil works (interchange them and check whether the running cylinder now happened to be at the other side). If not, examine the power supply of the ignition coil, perhaps a grounding problem.Kawasaki
The clutch actuation has to be bled every few hundred kilometers. A lot of air always shows up.Check the air bleed cock, if necessary replace. Furthermore the lines may have become porous. Perhaps the seals are leaking in the master cylinder or in the actuation cylinder. Kawasaki ZZR1100 1991
The starter turns the engine for one or two revolutions, then slips through.Probably a rupture in the starter freewheel box. It should be replaced by the more stable one of the Z750 Turbo.Kawasaki Z750
The sight glass for the engine oil shows a white substance, since it is so cold outside.Possibly this is caused by fog over of the sight glass on low temperatures. Possibly it's oil mud by using low-grade oil, short distance driving or a too long oil change interval. Possibly the cylinder head gasket is defective and it's coolant.Kawasaki
The engine fires up fine, but when trying to start, it immediately stalls.Check the security switch at the side stand. If it is defective, the engine dies off, as soon as the clutch is actuated.Kawasaki EL125
The motorcycle has run for about 2200 miles (3500 km) and starts to rattle heavily. The garage cannot assign the sound to anything.Possibly a cam chain rail is broken.Kawasaki ZX10R
When idling, a gear often jumps in all by itself and when driving it jumps out.Check to see if the gear change is adjusted correctly. Possibly the shift dog or the gear unit are defective.Kawasaki ZXR400
The speedometer needle bounces uncontrolledly, in idle speed as well as when driving.Possibly the speed sensor is defective. Check all plug connections. Possibly the speedometer itself is defective.Kawasaki
In cold condition the motorcycle would not start. No problems with warm engine.The clearance of the inlet valves is too small. Tune the valves in.Kawasaki GPZ600R
A lot of oil enters the air filter box.There is too much oil in the engine or the internal pressure in the crank case is too high. Possibly by faulty piston rings or other leakages.Kawasaki