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Motorcycle repair collection

Fuel spills from the overflow hose of the right carburetor, as soon as the fuel tap is opened. The vacuum diaphragms of both carburetors have been replaced.A floater is defective (porous, hence filled and therefore less impetus), a twisted connection between floater and valve (false fuel level-> straighten it), or a valve seat does not seal anymore. Perhaps the seal which seals the floater valve case from the carburetor (O ring) is defective, so that the fuel flows along the floater valve case directly into the float chamber.Honda CB 250G
After an extensive tour in the rain, the battery permanently discharges, i.e. it charges no more. The battery is new. With light turned off, the engine keeps running, with light switched on the engine dies off, if the engine speed is less than 2000 UPM.The alternator regulator is defective (perhaps preenergizer diodes burned through).Honda CBR600F
The (new) battery discharges with head light turned on. When driving with light, the engine dies off after approx. 20 miles (30 km).The alternator (rotor or stator) is probably defective. Perhaps leakage current by a chafed through cable isolation. Gauge the battery voltage (approx. 12.5 volts with engine switched off, approx. 13,5-14 volts with engine running). Check the power consumption with head light switched on.Honda CB900
The engine rattles.The timing chain tension adjuster is defective.Honda
Taking away the gas, every time there is a backfire. There is a loud slam and a tongue of flame from the exhaust.Check the spark plugs. Perhaps the mixture is too rich. The air stop valve is probably defective. It is a small membrane (diameter approx. 10-15 mms), it is located at the side of the carburetor, under a lid with 3 screws.Honda Dominator
When setting the first gear while standing or the 2-nd gear running slowly, there is a bang.If necessary restretch the chain. Possibly the idle speed is set too high, it should not be higher than 1500 UPM.Honda
Trouble starting the engine after having stood for 1-2 days.If necessary replace the spark plugs, ignition plugs and ignition cables. Possibly the battery is too weak or the carburetor is jammed. Dismount, disassemble and clean the carburetor (blow through the nozzles thoroughly with compressed air). Make sure that the float chambers of the carburetors are empty. With a prospective standing time of more than 10 days, it is best to empty the carburetor before.Honda CB750K
The engine rattles.The timing chain tension adjuster is defective.Honda CB500
The motorcycle bucks in idle speed.Probably a carburetor problem. The idle adjusting screw possibly has a disturbed setting, or a contamination of the idle speed nozzle system. Clean and readjust the carburetor. Perhaps the carburetor draws false air by leaking carburetor flanges, a leaking or lost rubber on the low-pressure nipple for connection of the synchronous tester, or a screw. Perhaps the carburetor may also be worn, thus false air enters through leaking slides and/or throttle valves.Honda VT600
With engine speeds from 8,000 UPM on, the motorcycle starts to stutter. The carburetor was cleaned and the spark plugs are OK.Check the tank ventilation and the carburetor synchronization as well as the air control screws. Perhaps the plug of the CDI has a loose contact.Honda CBR600
The engine doesn't rev up accordingly anymore, paired with an enormous loss of performance and an extremely increased fuel consumption.The fuel mixture is too rich. Possible causes: The float gauge hangs, there are jammed air pipes, a defective cold start system or the float gauge valve is defective.Honda CB 450 S
Suddenly none of the 4 spark plugs gets a spark anymore.Possibly the kill switch is off, there is a faulty or broken cable between the various components, e.g. between alternator and ignition coil, oxidation in a plug, the CDI Unit, the alternator or the ignition coils are defective, possibly also the ignition switch or the ignition pulse generator.Honda 600F
The oil consumption has risen remarkably, and there is a lot of smoke coming from one cylinder.The cylinder head gasket, the respective valve stem sealing or the piston ring are defective.Honda 650C
When trying to start the motorcycle, only oil and idle lamps briefly flared up. The fuses are all OK.Clean the battery poles.Honda CB 400N
When pushing the starter button, the starter only turns very briefly and slowly. When trying repeatedly, there is nothing but a click anymore. The battery is good.The starter winding is probably burnt through, the clicking comes from the magnetic switch.Honda CB500
Though the temperature almost rises into the red area, the fan would not startup.Possibly the fan is blocked by penetrating dirt or the alike. Disconnect the fan and connect it directly to a 12 volt supply, if it runs now, the temperature sensor is probably defective.Honda CBR600F
Sometimes the gear shift sticks. Above all when lowering the speed down to stop, but sometimes also when driving. Thereafter everything is fine again.Check to see if oil has to be refilled.Honda CB450
When starting cold, the engine only fires up after letting turn the starter for a long time. No problems with warm engine.Probably the idle speed regulation screw is maladjusted. Screw it completely down carefully, then unscrew two and a half times again. Then readjust the idle speed (finger screw at the end of the accelerator cable at the carburetor).Honda NX650
The engine tinkles when accelerating with a medium number of revolutions, at about 5000 revs.Possibly low-grade fuel or a too lean fuel mixture.Honda CBR600