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Motorcycle repair collection

While driving, the battery discharges.Alternator or over-voltage regulator are defective. The alternator is defective if the resistance, gauged at the regulator plug, differs more than 0.1 Ohm from 0.4 Ohm.Harley Davidson Dyna
After a longer idle time there is oil coming from the ventilation hose of the motor casing.The spring of the oil return valve has become too weak. Possibly the oil pump has to be replaced.Harley Davidson Shovel
The winkers light up without intermitting.Winker relay defective, voltage too low or a bad ground connection.Harley Davidson
The spark plugs are always damaged after a very short time.Do not drive with drawn choke for more than 500 meters. Use genuine spark plugs.Harley Davidson
The bike has ignition failures from 2000 UPM on, accompanied by a bold readout of the rev counter.Possibly a bad contact (plug connectors, etc.) or the electronic ignition unit or the ignition capacitor are defective.Harley Davidson Sportster 1200
There are misfires when taking away gas, except when the choke lever is pulled.There is a leakage at the manifold or the exhaust.Harley Davidson
The rear cylinder permanently produces misfires.Possibly the distributor has unfastened caused by the vibrations. Possibly the capacitor is defective. Check the ignition timing, especially the springs of the distributor. Possibly the seal rings between manifold and cylinders are defective. Replace the spark plugs. Check the the ignition cables. Have the ignition coil checked.Harley Davidson XLCH