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Motorcycle repair collection

After accelerating and switching into the 5. gear, the clutch slipped through. Shortly later it smelled of burnt plastic or rubber.The dry clutch has probably worn out or oil entered. Replace it, before other parts (pressure plate or flywheel) are affected.BMW R1100RT
When turning on high beam, the headlight completely fails. If only the dimmed headlights are switched on, it works.Perhaps a broken ground connection, a fuse blasted, the relay to the change-over between high beam headlights and dimmed headlights is defective, or its contacts are bad.BMW R80RT
Every now and then the charging current indicator displays only approx. 11.8 volts with about 2000 UPM. After a short warm-up trip, the volt meter mostly jumps on about 13 volts.Check rotor, Stator, carbons and stabilizer. Perhaps a solder joint on the diode panel is defective. Check the cables there, too. Check the volt meter for correct function.BMW R100RS
When operating the left winker, the fuse blasts immediately.Maybe a short circuit in the wiring of the left winker. Examine it systematically (take out both winker bulbs test-wise, winker cable, switch, etc.).BMW R80
Recently the cylinder head gasket and the valve cover gasket of the left cylinder were replaced. Since then the engine bucks going downhill or plain course. In idle speed and when accelerating, the problem does not appear.After having dismantled the carburetors, they have to be synchronized again. Place and tighten all sleeves and clamps properly (possibly leak air).BMW R100GS
In shorter and shorter intervals, the motorcycle dies off, and can only be started again much later. Ignition and fuel supply are OK.The hall effect pulse generator is defective.BMW R1100RT
With constant low engine load, in all gears, the engine has dropouts (especially in the lower gears). In idle speed the engine sometimes dies off. Having the engine readjusted by the garage and new spark plugs didn't work out. Reading the error memory did not result in anything.The hall effect pulse generator is defective, the carburetors synchronization is bad, jammed fuel filter or tank ventilation hose.BMW RT1100
The motorcycle vibrates between 3000 and 4500 U/min. When turning the back wheel while standing, there is a clacking noise.The rear-wheel drive bearings are defective.BMW
The engine runs in idle speed, but as soon as twisting on the gas, it dies off.Probably there is water in the tank and/or the carburetor, possibly the intake pipe at the carburetor is torn open.BMW F650
The motorcycle is new. Up to 5 minutes after having started the engine, there's steam coming from the exhaust.That's normal. It is grease, that's used as lubricant when assembling the exhaust.BMW K1200GT
The front brakes squeak.Clean the pads and put copper paste on their backside. Maybe round off the edges a bit.BMW
The tires are worn asymmetrically on the left side.The additional wearout on one side may be due to the cardan drive. Caused by the additional weight on the right side, the driver unwittingly tilts the bike slightly to the left. Possibly right hand sloping roads may be involved, too. Also, in countries with right hand traffic, left hand bends are usually driven faster than right hand bends.BMW
After parking in the garage, it often smells of fuel for hours.The plug connections of the tank and all other fuel connections have to be checked and if necessary replaced - fire hazard.BMW K1200RS
At a mountain tour, one partially could not shift down gear anymore, in spite of the clutch being drawn. The gear shift could not be moved.Possibly a new gear box with a modified shifting shaft or gear selector drum and a fitting clutch disc, as well as a new potentiometer for the gear indicator are necessary. Possibly a pitched crank shaft pin has made separating the clutch more heavy.BMW R1200GS
Especially with a low ambient temperature, the starter makes a screechy noise at the end of the starting process.Dismount the starter and clean and grease the pinion shaft. Check to see if the sprockets are already damaged.BMW
The first gear sometimes cannot be shifted, especially when the engine is cold.That's normal. Occasionally the sprockets are exactly facing one another. Carefully and delicately release the clutch a bit, so the sprockets can shift into one another.BMW
Especially when switching the heated grips, the battery charge light glows very dimly, even though engine RPMs are high.Some resistance has developed in the connections of the circuit, that lowers the circuit voltage a bit. The system works fine, but if wanted it can be fixed by adding a diode.BMW K
The bike backfires when releasing the gas, also when the gas is released completely.The throttle cut-off switch is maladjusted, so fuel is injected although the throttle valve is closed. It is located left side ahead of the ignition coils. It is adjustable by loosening two screws and slightly rotating the entire switch assembly.BMW K75