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Automotive glossary: What is a Gearing or Gearbox?

Definition of Gearing: For transforming the limited numbers of engine revolutions to the wide area of possible revolution numbers, as well as to allow a reverse drive, a vehicle needs a variable drive ratio (speed ratio) in the drive system. That is the task of the gearbox. There are various types of manual and automatic gearings. With a manual gearbox, the driver has to actuate the clutch, in order to separate the traction of the engine with the wheels, then he can via a gear lever set a different drive ratio and thereafter release the clutch again. With the automated manual gearing, the driver can simply change gear, the declutching and drive ratio change happens automatically. The full automatic gearing even elects the drive ratio automatically, whereat the driver has still has a variety of possibilities to influence the gear choice, for example by causing a gear down by pushing the accelerator down completely (kickdown). Additionally there are infinitely variable automatic gearings, which today are mainly employed in motor scooters, but may have a great future due to ample technical improvements. They are fuel saving, as they can keep the engine always in an optimum revolutions level, but with a sporty driving can also provide the maximal possible engine performance.

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