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Automotive glossary: What is a Brake?

Definition of Brake: The brakes are for reducing the speed of a vehicle, respectively to make it stop. In cars and motorcycles, mechanic brakes are used almost exclusively. Mainly disc brakes, only rarely drum brakes. On disc brakes, pads, consisting of an appropriate material from both sides push on a metal disc, which is conjoint with the wheel, in order to remove the kinetic energy of the vehicle by the accruing friction. Usually, the pads are provided with according brake force via brake pistons and -cylinders by hydraulics. Therefore, special hygroscopic brake fluids with a high boiling point are necessary. The pressure, operated by the driver usually is incremented by a braking force amplifier. The brake discs have to have a certain minimum gauge, depending on the country prescribed by law. Falling short of it by wear, they have to be replaced. The brake pads are wear parts and have to be replaced regularly.

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