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Car repair collection

One morning it didn't start up anymore. Battery empty. With starting aid, the starter would only turn shortly.Volvo usually builds-in powerful starters. With starting aid the engine of the aiding car has to be running, and if necessary, the numbers of revolutions have to be increased a little. If this doesn't work, the starter is stuck or the battery is defective.Volvo
Increased idle speed. Sometimes it regulates down after about 5 to 10 seconds. By stepping on the gas pedal briefly, the engine is brought to level off on normal idle speed.air flow sensor defective, or the wiring loom to the air flow sensor. If necessary clean respectively grease the throttle cable and the complete throttle mechanics, so the idle speed contact is closed again.Volvo 440
With strong steering angle, sometimes there's a creaking from the front axle.Grease the steering stops.Volvo S60
The gearbox oil has just been renewed. Now it happens casually, that the car after applying a driving position just starts to roll slowly at 3500 rpm. Similar to winter mode, but still weaker. The failure only occurs when starting up.Check drive range sensor, and if necessary adjust the engagement cable. The actual values should be checked simultaneously with the tester. Possibly false signal from the brake (keeps the automatic in idling). If necessary clean magnetic switch, check magnetic valve. Possibly the sealing rings in the gearing box defective (gearing box would have to be replaced completely). Possibly control device defective.Volvo V70
Starting problems when the engine had been well warm and has cooled down thereafter, for about 45 or 60 minutes.If the starter rotates and the car doesn't start up, it's usually the ignition transformer. Test: After having tried to start the car without success, unscrew and examine a spark plug. If it is wet and smells of fuel, it's a problem with the ignition. Note: It's possible, that an ignition spark is present, but may be insufficient under pressure.Volvo 460
The automatic gearing shifts heavily, especially, when the engine is still cold. Getting a bit better after going for about half an hour. The gear timing is OK. Kickdown works. Renewing the gearing oil no showed any success.Get the drive range sensor at the gearing box checked. That one passes on the information about the actually selected drive range to the engine control. May fail.Volvo V70 2.5 10V Automatic
When shifting up, there's a faint clacking, as if the gear would jump out. Thereafter I can shift into each and every gear, but the car wouldn't drive anymore.The snap ring, that keeps the cone bearing in the differential, has gotten loose.Volvo V40 1.8 Modell 2000
When starting cold, the car starts up with a lot of gas though, but runs very unsteady in idle speed. After having gone for about 500 meters, everything is OK.Check the relays of the heater plugs. Possibly only one of them is still working correctly. Possibly air in the fuel system. Potential sources of leakage are the diesel filter and the injection pump above it. Before starting the first time unscrew the engine cover and observe the transparent part of the diesel pipe, while the engine is being started.Volvo V40 TD 1997
The cruise control exits all by itself, putting out the error message "engine performance reduced". Notable loss of performance. After stopping and restarting the engine the error was gone.Replace the throttle valve unit.Volvo V70
After replacement of both radiators, because of an accident, shuffling sounds when the manual air condition is in operation.Replace the expansion valve.Volvo V70
There's a permanent noisy, metally knocking sound, getting stronger with increasing charging pressure (starts prior to the yellow field and is getting louder and louder). With low charging pressure there's nothing audible while driving. In idle speed it's swinging a bit and runs like on three cylinders. The ignition, the turbocharger and the bearing clearance are OK, no splinters etc.Check and adjust the valve clearance (with cold engine). Carry out a valve scavenging. It's done by spraying a half can of carburetor cleanser into the suction hose of the injection system while the engine in running on about 2500 rpm. Wait for half an hour, and insert the rest. Thereafter the compression pressure should be normal again (9.5 to 11.5 bar).Volvo 740 TIC
Briefly after having come to complete stop when braking, there's a notable jerk. Sometimes hardly notable, because it coincides with the final jerk of the braking instance. Sometimes it's also three or four seconds later. With stop-and-go traffic it also sometimes bucks in between.It's not an error, but a technical innovation. In order to safe fuel the gearing shifts automatically from "D" to "N" in idle speed.Volvo 70 D5 Automatik
The gear shifting is bold. The engine tilts for about 15 centimeters on engine load changes.Check the complete engine suspension/bearing.Volvo V40T
The windshield wiper blades start to scratch after 6000 miles already.One has to twist the a bit wiper arm in themselves, so the work angle of the rubber to the pane is correct again.Volvo
When starting the engine in cold condition, it starts up poorly and runs very unsteady. This lasts for about two to three minutes or 500 to 1000 meters. The heater plugs have been replaced, without success.Hold a digital thermometer with outside indicator to the heater plugs after preheating two or three times. Should there be no notable increase in temperature on one heater plug, there's a problem with the preheating. Also possible is a leakage in the injection system.Volvo V40 Diesel 1997
Since building in a new catalytic converter, a new temperature sensor for the intake air and a new cooling liquid sensor, the fuel consumption has risen notably (from about 11 liters to 15.5).If the temperature sensors provide false values, the engine control unit makes the fuel / air mixture too rich, thereby increased fuel consumption. Get the values, provided by the sensors to the engine control device measured by a tester.Volvo 480