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Car repair collection

After starting the engine not all cylinders are running.Remove the distributor cap and clean and grind shiny the contacts and the distributor arm.Toyota Corolla
The ventilation doesn't work anymore. The fuses are OK.The carbons of the ventilation motor are worn out or the series resistance is defective.Toyota Carina
The idle speed is very low, at about 500 rpm. Sometimes the engine also dies off.Check all vacuum hoses for ruptures. Besides this, the idle speed can be adjusted with the regulating screw at the throttle valve box, it's covered by a rubber cap.Toyota Corolla E9
There is a whistling sound when driving, that is consistently becoming louder.Possibly the final sound absorber defective. Possibly a defective windshield cover, that causes wind sounds.Toyota RAV4
The cooling liquid boils in the compensating reservoir. The engine once died off while driving, but starts again.Probably the thermostat is defective. Possibly the cylinder head gasket. If the car has died off once already, that might mean an engine breakdown.Toyota
After having gone for quite a long distance, the engine starts to buck, as if one cylinder wouldn't be running. When stopping the engine and starting again, it's gone. But the bucking is sporadic. The spark plugs and the air filter have already been replaced.An injection nozzle is possibly defective or hangs. When the bucking occurs, with the engine running uneven, one after the other pull off the plug leads with isolated tongs and gloves. If at one of the plugs, the uneven run does not get worse, it's about this cylinder. Then as a test interchange this nozzle with another one, and see if the problem cylinder has shifted now. If so, replace the according nozzle.Toyota
While accelerating, the engine started to intermit. Having stopped, the engine then died off and could not be started again. Later it started again though, but something rattles, and the engine runs very uneven.Probably a bearing damage. Garage.Toyota Corolla
White fume comes from the exhaust and is also in the air filter box.The cylinder head gasket is defective (replace), or the cylinder head is warped and has to be grinded even.Toyota
When starting with the engine still warm, there's a loud, mechanically cracking sound. It sounds like the starter running too long or hitting something.The electric part of the ignition lock is defective.Toyota Avensis
The engine starts, but thereafter immediately dies off again. Half an hour later it starts again without problems. The battery is charged, starter and fuel pump are OK.The alarm system does not always stop the automatic starter disable, probably caused by humidity.Toyota