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Car repair collection

The interior light doesn't expire anymore, when closing the doors. At first it expired, but flickered, and now it can only be switched off manually.Probably the door light switch is defective, possibly in the door lock.Suzuki Baleno
The engine gets warm, but the heating doesn't.Replace the thermostat.Suzuki
Stepping on the clutch, there is a scratching sound coming from the engine compartment.The release bearing is defective.Suzuki Ignis
Winker and reverse lamp don't work anymore. Every time the fuse is replaced, it immediately blasts when switching on the ignition.The reverse gear switch is defective or the trailer plug (if present) is humid.Suzuki Vitara
The cooling fan does not work anymore.Check the bimetallic switch below the thermostat case (bridge it and see if the fan starts).Suzuki Swift GTi
Standing, with an engine speed of about 900 to 1500 UPM, there is a penetrating, loud squeaking coming from the engine compartment.Possibly the v-belt of the water pump or of the alternator is defective. Possibly the sealing between manifold and exhaust pipe has dissolved.Suzuki Swift 1.0