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Car repair collection

The car loses oil. The oil seal rings of the crank shaft and the camshaft have already been replaced.Possibly the sealing at the distributor is defective, or the oil seal of the engine on the gear box side.Subaru Justy 1.2 GLI
The car rolls only very tenaciously, it is very heavy to push. After some time going, the left side front rim is hot.Possibly the brake caliper is defective (sleeves or O-ring seals). Check the brake fluid level.Subaru Justy
The car revs 2000 rpm in idle speed after having started the engine, and it doesn't return to a normal idle speed before having run for about 5 minutes.Clean the magnetic valve for the bypass air. It is located, seen from the front side, on the right at the throttle valve case.Subaru Legacy Sedan FWD
The car slightly vibrates in idle speed.Check spark plugs and ignition cables. Possibly a vacuum valve is defective or leaking. Perhaps an outlet valve has burned out. With the engine running, read the LED display under the steering column (maybe under a paneling). The flashing means as follows: for a long one add up 10, for a brief one add 1. This results in the error code.Subaru Legacy 1800
When the car is only slightly warm the automatic does not work anymore. It stays in the highest gear and when trying to start up, the engine stalls.The infinitely variable adjustment of the engines belt pulley of the gear boy is defective. The gear box has to be replaced.Subaru Justy ECVT
With the engine running, one cannot switch from the neutral position to R or D anymore.The magnetic powder clutch or its control are defective. This has to be checked by a garage.Subaru Justy ECVT
The car bucks extremely when stepping on the gas or releasing it.The clutch disc is worn out, or the release bearing or the clutch cable are defective.Subaru Legacy
When going around narrow bends there is a kind of bucking, as if the differential lock was switched on.The carrier of the discs in the multiple disc clutch of the four-wheel drive is worn out.Subaru Legacy