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Car repair collection

The carpet on the engine covering is quite wet.The sealing of the tailgate is leaky or the sealings of the roof have been placed badly.Smart
In the full automatic mode there are breaks of several seconds when shifting gear. Especially when quick acceleration is needed, the car needs a long time for selecting the required gear.This is due to design. There is a software update to be attained at the specialized dealer, which shortens the switch breaks. Otherwise, shift the gears manually.Smart
The car bucks, reacts poorly on the gas and strongly puts out sooty smoke. In the full automatic mode, the gear box even doesn't shift up anymore by itself, because of the lacking performance.Check the mass flow sensor and, if necessary, replace it.Smart CDi
The winker frequency jumps arbitrarily from normal speed to fast and back. The problem appears mainly when it is cold and humid.Check whether there is a loose contact on the light bulbs or one of them is defective. Otherwise the central electrical system is probably defective -> garage.Smart
When going around bends, especially with right-hand curves, a light booming appears between 4000 and 4500 UPM.This is normal, it involves vibrations coming from the drive train and transfering to the chassis.Smart
There is a noise, from ahead in the area of the headlights, when the low beam light is switched on with the engine running or the ignition switched on.The servo for the headlamp beam height control tries to shift the headlight beyond the end position. As a temporary remedy, the headlamp beam height control can be set to "1", then have the error handled in a garage.Smart
With wet streets, the car has stalled twice already. In the display three lines appear.Spray water from the street causes a short circuit in the plug of the clutch actuator. The plug has to be replaced.Smart CDi
The warning lights for ABS and ESC are lighted.In this case usually the steer angle sensor or the ESC control module are defective, or the brake lamp switch is maladjusted or defective. Have it examined in the garage immediately.Smart Roadster