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Car repair collection

High oil consumption. 1,5 liters in 1100 miles. Tendency rising.Check loss of oil to the outside, possibly oil is getting burned (cylinder head gasket, valve stem sealings, etc.), possibly oil cooler defective where the oil filter sits (oil in the cooling water). Possibly pressure too high in the crank case, thereby oil would be pumped via the crank case ventilation, possibly piston rings defective.Skoda Fabia
All four tires are worn out at the outside.Both axles are maladjusted.Skoda Oktavia 4x4
If the warmed up engine is switched off and one tries to start again after approx. 5 minutes, the engine does not start. The preglow indication for the heater plugs does not light up. After a waiting period of approx. 30 minutes, the preheating works again and the engine starts easily.Check fuel supply (if necessary drain or replace the Diesel filter).Skoda Felicia 1,9 Diesel 1996
When accelerating heavily, there is a loud, shrill shrieking, as soon as the turbo charger sets in.Probably the sealing between the turbo charger and the exhaust system is defective.Skoda Octavia 20V Turbo
From time to time the engine speed drops in idle speed and while driving.Clean and have readjusted the throttle valve and its control unit, if necessary replace. Possibly a ground cable lacks contact or the fuel pump relay has to be replaced.Skoda Fabia 1.4
The fuel indicator shows completely arbitrary values.The tank gauge has to be replaced.Skoda Fabia 1.4 16V