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Car repair collection

The car sometimes squeaks when going through faint left bends.Possibly rubber muffle between shock absorber spring and car body slipped. Possibly the brake pads hang. Possibly wheel bearing defective. Possibly the exhaust suspension makes sounds. Possibly dome bearing defective.Seat León
When operating the winker, the wipers would start or the like. Horn and light don't work anymore. Sometime everything works fine. When turning on the ignition, both winker indicators light up, as well as the indicators for dim light and full beam.Winker switch defective, that's a complete part with the direction indicator control.Seat León
There's a flackering noise coming from the engine compartment.The v-belt spins loose on the crankshaft pulley. Check for fissures and if necessary, replace.Seat Ibiza
The reversing light doesn't work anymore. The bulbs are OK.Possibly the switch at the gearbox is defective. As a trial, pull off the plug of the revering light switch on the gearbox and bridge over with a staple. If the lights work now, replace the safety switch.Seat
After having mounted the snow tires, the steering swims at 10-20 mph (15-30 km/h) in short sharp bends, and the throttle control vibrates. At 75-85 mph (120-140 km/h) the steering wheel vibrates heavily. Last year, the same tires were mounted, and there were no problems.Steering swims: raise tire pressure by about 0.2 bar, compared to the specification in the gas cap. Steering vibrating: have the wheels balanced. Have the wheels been mounted on the same positions? Take care: When mounting tires with fixed rolling direction, mounting the wrong way may lead or contribute to strange road behaviour.Seat León
When the engine is warm, the idle speed drops from 1000 rpm down to 750, sometimes it drops even on 500 rpm and returns to 1000 rpm again. When turning on the rear window heating, it rallies again and runs normally. Throttle valve control unit and lambda probe have been replaced, the error memory was read and the throttle valve adjusted.Subtle break in the manifold.Seat Córdoba
The car doesn't start up. Starting aid doesn't work. After mounting a new battery it worked for a week.Check, if there is an ignition spark. Other potential errors: ignition lock, fuel pump relay, fuel pump, ignition and starting switch. Check for leakage currents (connect an ammeter, check through fuses).Seat
After starting cold the numbers of revolutions drop, so that when starting up, the engine sometimes dies off. Once on the speedway, accelerating from 60 to 80 mph with throttle stepped fully down, it started to stutter. Sometimes on the speedway it feels like it would accelerate slightly all by itself. In idle speed, the numbers of revolutions sometimes vary up and down from 950 to 1200 rpm.Possibly fissure in the manifold. Remove air filter and see if the throttle valve actuator is filthy. If necessary, clean it and carry out a basic setting.Seat Córdoba
All at once the wipers (front and rear) and the ventilation failed. Interior lighting, radio etc. do work. The fuses seem to be OK.Possibly the ignition lock/ignition start switch (electronic component) defective.Seat
When going around bends slowly, there's a squeaking from ahead, except with humidity. When the brake pedal is pushed slightly, the squeaking stops. The brakes react normally.Either the brake pad are stuck in the forward brake caliper and don't slide anymore, or the stabilizer bearing is corroded underneath.Seat León
The headlight doesn't work on both sides. Winkers, brake lights etc. work. The bulbs and fuses are OK.The light switch is defective.Seat
There is a squeaking and creaking from the rear area. Always when driving into narrow bends and same time braking.Brake pads are stuck in the brake caliper. Remove, clean. If worn out, replace. Sprinkle the sliding areas of the pads and caliper with an appropriate product.Seat León
When braking slightly, the brake pedal sometimes sinks down. The pedal can be pushed down completely then. When releasing the pedal and operate it again, there's resistance again.Have the break fluid renewed or at least checked. It's DANGEROUS to drive that way! Have the brake bled. Possibly master brake cylinder defective. Garage!Seat
The steering creaks heavily when steering to the right. Servo oil is OK. No visible damages on the axle or the steering.The track rods have run dry and must be replaced.Seat León
The electric windows often dropout, i.e. only two or three of the four work, sometimes none. It happens too, that a window can be opened, but not be closed anymore. Meanwhile one window doesn't work at all.Check the cables in the rubber hose conduction of the drivers door between the two door hinges on breakages. If necessary solder or reconnect with a wire nut.Seat León
Beneath the glove compartment and out of the ventilation rainwater enters inside.Rubber sheathing of the windshield leaky. Seal up the gap between rubber and windscreen provisionally with silicone. If necessary replace windshield and gasket. Possibly it's a jammed splash water box in the engine compartment. Clean it and free up the drain passage. Check, if the rubber gasket of the bowden cable (for opening the bonnet) into the drivers compartment is still in place.Seat Córdoba 1998
The central electrode of a spark plug has fallen into the cylinder.Turn up the piston of the relevant cylinder by hand and try to get the electrode out with a bar magnet. If necessary, remove the valve cover and check if the valves shut cleanly or if it has canted there.Seat
When it's wet, the car starts up only with the second, third or fourth trial. Trips with rainy weather are nearly impossible, as it would suddenly start to stutter, the speed drops to 40 mph and it doesn't react on the gas pedal anymore.The hall effect pulse generator of the ignition is defective.Seat
The ventilation for the drivers compartment doesn't work anymore, although the fuses are OK and the ventilator is OK.The switch is defective.Seat Ibiza
When shifting down, the engine dies off or the engine speed drops below 500 rpm.Idle position servo, throttle valve actuator or its cabling defective.Seat Cordoba 1.6 SX
The turbo failed every now and then, has been replaced then. After a while, the engine started to stutter at low engine speed or to simply die off, the preheating indicator starts to flash, at high engine speed, the average consumption indicator shows about 3.7 liters. The error memory has been readout and the air flow sensor and the controller have been replaced. Without success.Possibly occasionally air in the fuel system. Possibly flow controller of the injection pump, respectively its wiring loom defective. Check every fuel hose, especially check for tightness the valve of the fuel preheating at the fuel filter, look for ruptures and the o-ring seal. Check the drain screw under the fuel filter for tightness. Check wiring loom to the injection pump. Check, if the compact plug is firmly in place and correctly snapped. Check plugs and pins in them for correct placement (corrosion, condition). Besides that, probably flow controller in the injection pump defective (sporadic stiffness of the flow controller) => replace the complete injection pump).Seat Toledo TDI
Starts up poorly, as the battery exhausts almost immediately. The indicator lamps are lighted, but the starter only turns very briefly.Check alternator and idle consumers with the multimeter, possibly radio connected falsely. Check acid density of the battery, if one battery cell is remarkably worse than the others, the battery is defective.Seat
Bucks in idle speed. When pulling the choke it works again. Also doesn't start up well without using the choke and beyond 80 mph it doesn't accelerate well.As fast as possible check the toothed belt, might have skipped. Attention: danger of engine damage!Seat Cordoba Turbo Diesel
The oil indicator flashes and beeps. The oil pump has already been replaced.Let the oil pressure check, if it's OK, probably the oil pressure switch is defective.Seat
When stepping on the gas abruptly the engine chokes and dies off. Fuel filter has been replaced. When stepping on the gas slowly, everything works fine.The ignition coil defective.Seat
In warm condition, the engine is bucking and runs lumpy as soon as loaded (acceleration, starting up, mountain tours). The spark plugs have been renewed, the compression checked. No marten damage detectable.Possibly dirt in the tank, respectively in the fuel pipe.Seat
Sometimes one has to let the starter turn for a very long time, before the car starts. Thereafter it runs fine.Examine the entire engine compartment, if there is a broken or slipped off cable.Seat Arosa
The car doesn't perform anymore, it doesn't run for more than 50 mph (80 kmh) and often dies off.Check the fuel pump. Replace the fuel filter.Seat Ibiza 1993
After starting, the engine dies off immediately.Clean the throttle valve.Seat Ibiza 1.4