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Car repair collection

Accelerating put of right bends, the car vibrates heavily, and going straight on, there's a humming sound, coming from the right front side.The wheel bearing has to be replaced.Saab
At first it was only the third gear, now all the gears only shift with difficulties. The reverse gear only with grinding sound from the gear box.Change gearbox oil. Have the clutch be checked, maybe it's worn out.Saab 900 II 1994
The board computer shows completely false values for "distance to empty".Keep the clear button pushed, until the "data cleared" indication shows up. Get the software updated.Saab 900 Aero
When switching the ignition on, the fuel pump starts to run and doesn't stop anymore. When switching the ignition off and on again, it stops.The battery is weak and should be replaced.Saab 9-3
Often there are problems starting the engine cold. At first it starts, but stalls again after running some seconds. When trying again, it starts up after 20 to 30 seconds and runs fine.The gaskets of the injection nozzles are worn out and/or the return lines from the nozzles to the pump are porous.Saab 9-3 2.2 TiD
Mainly with warm engine the car bucks and lacks performance when accelerating, sporadically the indication "Check engine" lights up. Accelerating slowly works fine.Use genuine spark plugs, possibly the ignition box is defective.Saab 9000
From about 95 to 100 mph (150-160 kmh) on. there is a fizzling, whistling sound coming from the driver side.Open the door and lower the window. Then keep it open with a knee and blandly pull to the inside at the window guide.Saab 9-3 SE
The temperature indicator sometimes doesn't work (the pointer does not move from lower position), and in this case, also the air condition fails.The temperature sensor (at the cylinder head, gear box side) has to be replaced.Saab 9-3