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Car repair collection

When braking strongly, there are very noisy braking sounds and it sounds a little like the brake was "wobbling".Check the brake discs.Rover 214
Ten seconds after starting the engine the engine control indicator lights up and the idle speed falls to under 500 rpm.The vacuum hose to the exhaust gas recirculation has loosened or is torn.Rover 620Si 1996
The car doesn't perform well on engine speed over 2000 rpm and when accelerating there is a cloud of soot leaving the exhaust.The hose of the charging air cooler is leaky.Rover 25 2.0 DT 2000
Suddenly the car shows a severely dropped performance. The diesel filter, the air filter, the mass air flow meter and the turbo charger have already been replaced.Possibly there are broken cables in the wiring loom, installed above the cover of the toothed belt.Rover 220SDI
The car bucks after being started with cold engine. After about 3 minutes it then runs fine. The temperature sensor has already been replaced.The front lambda probe is defective.Rover 25, 2000
The car doesn't start. The starter works fine.Check the spark plugs and the fuel filter. Possibly the ignition coils, the fuel pump relay or the fuel pump itself are defective.Rover 200 RF 1998