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Car repair collection

When starting up, fumes arrive in the drivers cabin via the ventilation. While driving there is nothing to notice, but at the next stop it can be smelled again.Breach in the exhaust manifold.Renault Scenic 1,9 DCI
After installing a new radio the car doesn't start anymore. Filled up the battery, thereafter it would start without problems for some weeks. Now the engine dies off while driving, especially when braking. After removing the radio, there are still starting problems, but at least it doesn't die off anymore while driving.Battery possibly defective, for example a short circuit in the cells, in this case not even starting aid will help. Try the following: remove minus pole of the battery, connect the start aiding battery only to the plus pole and the ground cable. If everything works fine that way, the battery is defective => replace it.Renault Twingo
The right winker only clicks wildly, when simultaneously pushing the brake pedal or reverse gear is mounted, but doesn't work no more. When releasing the pedal it works again. Left winker is OK.The motherboard in the taillight is broken.Renault Clio 1.2 Megane
Car doesn't start anymore. When turning the ignition key nothing happens. Light and radio work. There's only a faint buzzing.Maybe the proximity switch of the starter hangs. Try battering the starter box slightly with a hammer or a wrench. Maybe it loosens again.Renault Clio
When the engine is warm, it starts to buck when accelerating. After having the spark plugs replaced, it works fine for about three weeks. The complete ignition system, including the control device has been replaced.Replace the electronic injection nozzle in the carburetor, takes about five minutes.Renault 19
The engine often doesn't start, or only after repeated trials. Especially when the engine is warm. After having stood for several hours, it usually works fine. Now it doesn't accelerate well, as if it would die off again in a moment. Idle speed is at about 500 to 700 rpm.Vacuum hose at the intake pipe worn out => the engine draws air falsely.Renault Clio 1,2
The engine doesn't start anymore. The battery is OK and the starter turns, but there's no ignition spark coming from the ignition coil. The ignition coil and the control device have been replaced. There is power supply on the ignition coil and the control device.The hall effect pulse generator or the induction sensor are defective.Renault Clio
While driving, the battery indicator lighted up, briefly prior to this I believe I heard a sound. The battery is quite new.Check, if the v-belt and the V-ribbed belt are still in place.Renault Clio
The steering wheel has too much clearance (more than 3 centimeters), and the car steers slightly to the right when driving. The track rod ends have been replaced.Have the track adjusted. When clearance is too high, the track rod end, the bearing at the bodywork or the steering gearbox can be defective. Possibly steering linkage bent.Renault Clio Williams
Sometimes the car would't go over 40 mph for about 5 minutes. When stepping on the gas, there are strange chuggling sounds, the engine runs unsteady and hardly accelerates the car.Possibly ignition cables defective.Renault 5
With humid weather the sign for the rear fog lamp lit up slightly. Now after some time, the winker does not work anymore, when the brake pedal is pushed.Ground error on the back lights. Sand off resp. clean the ground contacts and if necessary restress the contacts in the plug.Renault Clio