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Car repair collection

Then engine starts up, but dies off again immediately. With ignition switched on, the injection valves can be heard.Error in the control device of the LH-Jetronic.Porsche 928 GT 1989
The left headlight doesn't work anymore.Possibly humidity in the connector. Possibly the fuse blasted.Porsche Boxster S 2001
Dramatic loss of oil by ejection and combustion in and at the heat exchanger.Perhaps the steel connections of the pipe at the reservoir in the wheelhouse have rusted and, hence, are leaking. Thereby oil splashes on the heat exchanger. Perhaps the cylinder base gaskets are defective and the engine has to be disassembled.Porsche 964
The vehicle only runs shortly after starting, when stepping on the gas, it dies off immediately. Now it doesn't start anymore at all. The fuel filter has been replaced and the fuel pipe and the injection nozzles were cleaned. The fuel pump is OK.Check, if the plug at the mass air flow meter is correctly in place and the contacts are alright. Check, if the distributor arm is properly fixed. Possibly the distance measuring equipment relay is defective or there is a broken isolation with a short circuit to chassis at the connections.Porsche 924S
The seat adjustment doesn't work and the interior ventilation, the window regulators and the windshield wipers work with ignition switched off.Check the connections at the seat adjuster for good isolation and proper fitting.Porsche 944 S2 T
The entire speedometer unit is illuminated so poorly, that reading the instruments in darkness is hardly possible.The plastic reflectors of the illumination are tarnished. Replace or polish them clean.Porsche 944 Turbo