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Car repair collection

The engine always runs for about 5 minutes without problems and then stalls suddenly. Thereafter it can only be restarted after about 10 to 15 minutes. The main control device and the board under the ignition coils were changed.The lambda probe is defective. After starting, the engine runs for some minutes in the "Open Loop", i.e. without considering the lambda value, then it shifts into the "Closed Loop", so that the engine dies off with getting a wrong O2 value. Furthermore get the error codes read.Pontiac Grand Am
As soon as one pushed on the brake pedal, the fuse blows.Check for a damage in the wiring. If the car has a trail hitch, check the wiring of the plug to the trailer. If this is OK, you may have a defective turn signal switch.Pontiac 6000
The car often dies when coming to a stop. It would start right back up and idle fine.Service the fuel injection. Clean the throttle bore and the idle passage from carbon deposits.Pontiac 6000 3.8
When cold starting, the car idles sometimes a bit erratic. The performance and fuel efficiency are fine, no over heating. But turning the engine off, there would be no spark on all cylinders when trying to restart. Once the engine sets for a time, it would start right back up and performs fine again.It might be the ignition coil module, the crank angle sensor or the cam angle sensor.Pontiac Bonneville V6 3.8
With ambient temperatures above 90°F (30°C), after having driven for a while, especially on the highway, the following occurs: the engine would idle fine, but it will not accelerate beyond idle speed and occasionally stalls when trying to accelerate. The car has OBD1, but no check engine light would come on. When that occurs while moving, it is possible to retain the speed at partial throttle, but acceleration causes stumbling and the impression of losing fuel pressure. The fuel filter was replaced.Check if the catalytic converters are correctly plugged in. Examine the boost pressure on the super charger.Pontiac Bonneville SSEi 3.8 Supercharge
There are starting problem, when the ambient temperature is below 0°C. Tha car gives the error code 43 (ESC).Code 43 means knock sensor, replacing the sensor should fix the problem.Pontiac Bonneville 3,8
Once the car is in gear, one can still move the shifter without resistance. Though, cannot shift out of the gear. The clutch releases the engine, but the gears cannot be changed.The shifter and the linkage bushings are worn out.Pontiac Fiero
The dash instruments don't work: speedometer, tachometer, gas indication, temperature. Nor do the power windows and the heater fan. The fuses are ok.The body control module is defective.Pontiac Grand Am