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Car repair collection

The engine often doesn't start. The ignition coil, the spark plugs and cables have been replaced and the tester in the garage indicates no error. Control device and spark plug terminals are OK. Often the engine dies off standing at the traffic light and when driving. After a time it can be started again. Going uphill, the car often doesn't have good thrust.Possibly the ignition switch. Dying off while driving indicates defective power supply relay for engine control unit or fuel pump relay. If the power supply for the controller device fails, it also can't store errors.Peugeot 106
When switching on the air condition, only the fan works, because the coupler of the compressor gets no voltage.Have the cooling liquid level checked, if the facility is empty, the low pressure switch switches off the compressor.Peugeot 306 XSI
The idle speed increases from 1000 to 2000 rpm, independent of the engine temperature.Manifold leaks or the engine gets too much air.Peugeot 306
Gear change is hooking. Sometimes feels like the gear didn't grip right.That's absolutely normal.Peugeot 106 1.1 Quicksilver
While driving, the engine would die off.As a test, connect the fuel pipe via an old fuel filter with the injection pump. If then everything works fine, there will be a leakage in the diesel filter element or any correlative part, so the injection pump sucks in air.Peugeot
When bending left side, there are alarming cracking sounds. But only after going for about ten minutes. Right side no problems.The shaft drive, respectively the contained cardan joint has to be replaced.Peugeot 106
After having gone for about 10 minutes, the v-belt starts to squeak. However, it's new.Check the tension. Possibly the tension roller is defective.Peugeot 206
As soon as the engine gets to operational temperature, the idle speed grows very unsteady and accelerates less powerful than before.A vacuum hose defective or loose, gasket defective, engine draws air falsely.Peugeot 205 1.4
The engine doesn't perform well beyond 3000 rpm, and in idle speed it feels like doing faint "skippers". Then the warning lamp "Engine Self Analysis" lights up. Everything has been checked, the spark plugs renewed, etc. The car runs on half performance.The ignition coil is defective.Peugeot 206 XS
When stopping or at cold weather the car almost always bucks and the engine dies off. No betterment despite of new spark plugs and ignition cables.Increase the idle speed.Peugeot 106
When going full load in the fifth gear, the car starts casting out black steam.Insufficient air input, renew the air filter.Peugeot 206 HDI
When going over bumpy streets in left-hand bends, there's a loud crashing sound on the right side, as if there were no shock absorber on the right front-side.Track control arm, the supporting joint, the spring dome bearing, the drive shaft or something else about the axle geometry defective. If the car also makes sounds when turning the wheel alternatingly to both sides, it's the dome bearings.Peugeot 405 Break
Once I loaded the engine too heavily in cold condition, suddenly the engine died off and could only be restarted after a couple of minutes. But it was bucking for about 5 minutes, so that a had to rev-up all the time, so the engine wouldn't die off. Since then the consumption has increased from between 4.5 and 6.5 liters to over 15 liters on 60 miles.Probably the lambda probe or its connection plug. Measure the lambda voltage on the only cable connected to it (not the two cables of the heating if existent). With engine running measured against ground: about 0.50V +- 0.10V. Check spark plugs and replace if sooted.Peugeot 205