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Car repair collection

When cold starting, for about 1 minute there's a metallic, grinding sound, that stops suddenly, and then also the number of revolutions lowers a bit. It begins immediately after starting the engine and when it stops, it sounds like a disk stopping within a second.That sounds like it's the secondary tire pump. It's for reducing pollutants at cold weather start. If necessary let it check and replace in a garage. Possibly also the compressor for the level control.Opel Omega B Caravan
Warning lights for battery, engine and oil turn suddenly on. Every time after a few 100 meters of run. The battery lamp turns on about a second before the other two lamps light.Possibly the oil pressure switch is defective and gives a false signal. Check if the V-belt tension is to loose. Have the alternator checked. It's probably the reason.Opel Corsa B
The car runs either with very low or too high numbers of revolutions. When I start in the morning, it bucks violently and when accelerating it only shows minimal performance. At the traffic light, the number of revolutions lowers rapidly, the car bucks and dies off. The engine lamp permanently turns on.May be a defective controller. Check air supply (air flow sensor, hoses, air filter). Possibly a hose draws false air.Opel Astra F 16V 1,8
The car emits strange noises (from about 90 Km/h), sounds like tires or brakes. It's a humming sound, which gets louder and sharper with increasing speed. Also the steering wheel feels more wobbly. It's constantly jerky when driving faster.Have the wheel bearing checked.Opel Astra G
The engine doesn't start anymore. Only with send-off, but then without problems. The battery has already been renewed.At first you should check, if the new battery really works. Possibly a short-circuit (check via fuses). Does the minus pole, when connecting to the battery, emit sparks?Opel Astra F
The temperature indicator goes up to 195°F (90°C), back to 160°F (70°C), back to 195°F (90°C) and so on. When the engine is cold, the number of revolutions is extremely high, when it's cold it's about 1200 rpm. While driving there often are misfires.Temperature sensor defective.Opel Corsa C
The engine dies off when pushing the clutch while driving, as the number of revolutions falls rapidly.Probably the exhaust gas recirculation valve. These often clog with combustion residues. If the valve wedges, the engine dies off when a sudden load change occurs. Clean it or have it cleaned or replaced.Opel Tigra
The ventilation only works when set to the highest level.The circuit board that contains the pre-resistor is burned through.Opel Corsa
Heavy starting problems. The battery is quite new. When moving off, respectively when accelerating, the car bucks extremely.Usually that's condensation in the spark plug terminals. Or ignition cables defective.Opel Astra 1.4
Starting problems with warm engine. Thereafter a lot of black steam from the exhaust.Get the injection pump adjusted. Get the engine valve timing corrected.Opel Omega 2.5 TD
When the engine is warm, the power steering makes strange sounds. The servo liquid is OK.Bleed the power steering (with engine running and standing car, steer fully to the left, then to the right, five times).Opel Vectra A
The engine just dies off, thereafter cannot be started again for about 5 to 10 minutes.Temperature sensor of the control device defective. Possibly ignition coil or control device defective. If necessary get the error codes read.Opel Omega A
The indicator "inspection" is lighted.Switch off the ignition. Keep the button for resetting the trip meter pushed. Switch ignition on. Then the indicator starts to flash. Then release the button.Opel Corsa C
The engine is getting so hot, that the temperature indicator reaches the stop. Cooling liquid level is OK.Thermostat or ventilator defective.Opel Astra 1.4 Benziner
The car cannot be refueled anymore. Ran for more than 110,000 miles.Hose for the ventilation of the tank jammed.Opel Corsa 1.3 Swift Mod. A 1988
While driving, the indicator lamp for the hand-brake is often lighted, although it's unfastened (particularly when going in bends).Check if the switch, that indicates the use of the hand-brake has slided out. For that purpose remove the covers beneath, respectively behind the hand-brake lever and have a look.Opel Corsa S93
The car squeaks when driving. It starts after about 5 minutes going. The squeaking disappears when braking with the foot brake or the handbrake or when steering slightly to the left. The brake discs and the pads are OK.The wheel bearing is dry and runs hot. Locate the origin of the sound, by checking if one of the wheels or wheel hubs is notably warmer than the others, after driving for 5 minutes with the squeaking. Attention: When the bearing is burnt through, the wheel will lock-up abruptly => danger of accident!Opel Astra 1.6