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Car repair collection

The car bucks. Especially when accelerating in the 3. gear.Possibly air flow sensor. Possibly a problem with the ignition system (ignition cables, distributor, etc.).Nissan Micra 1,3 55 KW 1993
Every now and then it simply dies off, but can be started again immediately.Possibly a cable in the engine compartment is broken or corroded (at the fuse box).Nissan Serena
After going for about a mile the engine doesn't react well on the gas when accelerating (above all in the lower band of engine speed). With constant speed or slight acceleration there are no problems.One or more ignition cables are defective.Nissan Sunny N13
Starts up poorly when the engine is cold and simply dies off in idle speed. No problems with warm engine.Increase idle speed slightly.Nissan Micra K10
The car has heavy dropouts, independent of engine speed and temperature, but it doesn't die off. While driving, it's as if in between the engine brake would set in. Distributor cap and arm, spark plugs, fuel filter and air filter have been replaced already.Distributor defective.Nissan Micra 1.2 K10 1990
After high mileage the car bucks with low engine load and steady speed.The suction area is clogged with residues coming from the EGR valve (exhaust gas recirculation). The suction area has to be cleaned, and if necessary, the EGR valve replaced.Nissan Almera Diesel
The car leaks cooling liquid, visible by a puddle of water next to the right front wheel.Determine the leakage. Probably the water pump is defective.Nissan Primera