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Car repair collection

The air condition doesn't work.Check the cooling liquid level of the air condition.Mitsubishi Carisma
The engine runs quite lumpy and vibrates extremely. Without stepping on the gas, the car accelerates briefly, thereafter usually returns to the normal number of revolutions. Sometimes it drops down so far, that the engine almost dies off. In idle speed as well as while driving. In the morning starting problems. But sometimes the car runs absolutely normal. The exhaust is completely black and the fuel consumption has increased enormously.Check all hoses connected to the carburetor for porousness or something is ruptured at the clips. Probably it's pulling air falsely.Mitsubishi Space Wagon
With cold weather and high air humidity (fog) the car doesn't start up. If the air humidity falls, it can be started again after a fairly long time. The ignition system, fuel injection, pipes and cables are OK. The spark plugs are getting wet, when the problem occurs. After reinserting the dried spark plugs, the engine starts up again. In idle speed it then runs normal, but when stepping fully on the gas, the engine speed doesn't exceed 1000 rpm and only single cylinders ignite sporadically. But when stepping in the gas only very slowly, the engine speed increases normal. As soon as it's warm to some extend, it runs fine. The check control lamp indicates no error.The engine temperature sensor or the throttle switch is defective.Mitsubishi Galant E50 2.0 Automatic 1994 137 PS
Starts up poorly after having stood for some time. Starter turns. Spark plugs, cables, distributor arm, distributor cap, power unit and control device have been replaced. Ignition spark is OK. After trying to start for some time, it smells of fuel and the spark plugs are wet. The starting sound sometimes is interrupted, as if the engine had gone stuck.Check ignition timing, possibly toothed belt skipped. Possibly ignition cables interchanged.Mitsubishi Galant GLSi 2.0 Automatik 1991)
Sometimes the steering utters a creaking, groaning sound going low speed (shunting, parking, etc.).The steering cuff is defective.Mitsubishi Colt C50
The performance decreases more and more. It doesn't go for more than 70 mph (110 kmh) and accelerates very poorly.Check the air filter, the engine control unit, the distributor and the lambda probe, if necessary readjust the ignition.Mitsubishi Colt C50 1.5 12v