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Car repair collection

After using the infrared key transmitter, the red and the green lamps at the inboard mirror light up for about 20 seconds. But the doors open and close correctly.Replace the batteries in the key.Mercedes E W210 1996
Starting problems and unsteady idle speed. Sounds like a cylinder not always igniting cleanly.Check ignition system (ignition cables, distributor, distributor arm, etc.). Possibly the overvoltage protection relay is defective. Possibly the cold start valve switches off too soon. Possibly lack of fuel (fuel pump, etc.).Mercedes 190
Heating only brings up cold air.Possibly both blend air doors are stuck (not probable), or the king valve doesn't open up (either valve broken or hose has come off).Mercedes 190
Starts up poorly when being cold. The engine revolves to low, chuggles strangely and sometimes dies off.The ignition coil is defective.Mercedes 190 E
The ventilation makes noise.Grease the ventilator motor, if necessary replace it. It's located closely in front of the windshield.Mercedes 190 1.8
The engine goes on running with ignition key pulled off.Stop box in the injection pump defective. It work with negative pressure. It can be viewed when if looking at the engine from above through the suction pipes. There's also an emergency switch (marked red), with which the engine can be stopped.Mercedes 190
The car needs 4 to 5 second until starting up, when cold. Thereafter the numbers of revolutions vary till having gone for about 4 to 5 miles. When driving it runs normal. Spark plugs, air and oilfilter are new.Possibly a marten damage on an ignition cable. Possibly fuse of the overvoltage protection relay.Mercedes 190
As soon as switching on the heating, the window panes immediately get steamy heavily.Possibly pollen filter jammed. Possibly the drain holes are plugged with leaves. Possibly the battery is standing in water. Possibly vaporizer wet.Mercedes 190
The exhaust disgorges giant amounts of pale blueish steam.Cylinder head gasket, piston rings, injection nozzles or injection pump defective. Check compression. If necessary replace camshaft chain and tensioner.Mercedes 190D
Starting problems.Back-pressure valve in the injection pump defective.Mercedes 190E
On the switches of the seat heating only the red lamps are lighting, i.e. only the indicators for "operation", but with the headlights turned on, the background is not lighted, like with the window regulators.Check, if at the cable lug between cable and switch the grey/blue cable is power supplied, when the rotary switch for the light is switched on.Mercedes 190E
With cold temperatures the ventilation fan squeaks and whistles extremely.The bearing of the fan is defective. Replace the fan. It's located in the engine compartment beneath the windscreen, respectively between engine compartment and interior. It can viewed when removing the plastic boardings. Possibly handling with WD40 helps already.Mercedes 190E
The engine runs very unsteadily when it's warm. The idle speed is then on about 500 rpm, then regulates itself up a little temporarily, then drops again.Possibly the engine draws leak air (air leak in the suction block between throttle valve and air flow sensor). Check ignition system. Possibly an ignition cable is defective or has loosened. Check connections of the cold run regulator. Possibly lambda probe defective.Mercedes 190E
The engine keeps on running after having turned the ignition key.Stop box defective. Possibly a vacuum hose defective.Mercedes 190D
The car leaks water with glysantine. Coolant expansion reservoir is full.Replace the cap of the expansion reservoir.Mercedes 190
Extreme odor of fuel in the interior, if the engine is being started in warm condition.Possibly trunk line leading to the fuel distributor or the connections at the fuel distributor are defective. Possibly cold start valve, injection nozzles or return pipe. The zero position of the air sensor plate is incorrect, it squeezes the fuel distributor and so the fuel drops into the intake trumpet.Mercedes 190E