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Car repair collection

Every one or two weeks the car doesn't start. Nothing helps. Next day it runs very fine again.Check distributor (cap, arm, etc.).Mazda 626 2,0 i
The car often stutters when driving and doesn't react on the gas. The idle speed runs even, apart from that, the car and the gearshift vibrate. When starting the engine up, there are sparks appearing at the ignition cable.The cable sheaths have become ruptured by the thermal stress. Replace the cables.Mazda 626 GLX 1.9
Bucks when driving with constant speed.Check fuel pipes and filter.Mazda 626
The front brakes make a grinding (metal to metal) noise when the brakes are applied. The pads are OK.The grinding noise may be caused by the brake attachment hardware moving / shifting out of position. Replace the pad attachment hardware P/N - GJYE-33-29ZB.Mazda 6
When lowering / raising the drivers or passengers window, a clunk type noise is heard from inside the door panel.Separate (do not remove) the door panel from the door. Peel off the access cover located in the middle of the door. Operate the window until the window regulator bolts are visible through the access opening. Torque the two window regulator bolts to: 6.7 - 9.8 nm (59.3 - 86.7 inch pounds).Mazda 6