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Car repair collection

Full beam and dim light don't work anymore. The lever/switch is OK.Possibly the light switch (not the dim/full beam switch) defective. Possibly the relay.Fiat Lancia
The back lights have failed. The jack isn't supplied with power anymore. All other lamps work fine.Check fuses. Check, if on the carrier plate in the loom wiring respectively the plug something is corroded or broken.Lancia Y
The acceleration behavior in the lower speed area is too sluggish.Check the following: Coolant temperature sensor, lambda probe, CO screw (perhaps shifted), ignition (perhaps shifted), spark plugs (perhaps worn), throttle position sensor, the engine might pull leak air, air filter (perhaps congested), fuel filter (perhaps congested). With frequent city traffic or driving with lower engine speed, try to "blow-through" the engine for some kilometers with raised engine speed.Lancia 2.0 16V
At first, the engine didn't revolve for more than 4500 UPM. Meanwhile the problem has worsened, and the engine doesn't exceed 2500 UPM no more. Above that, there are heavy dropouts. The spark plugs, the TDC-sensor and the mass air flow meter have already been replaced.The distributor, the ignition module or the throttle potentiometer are defective.Lancia Thema 2,0 16V
In cold condition, the car often dies off, but can be started again afterwards.Possibly the fuel filter is jammed, or the spark plugs worn.Lancia Dedra 2.0 1994
With short, severe impacts, there's a rumbling sound coming from the rear axle.The independent axle sockets have to be replaced.Lancia Y