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Car repair collection

The co-drivers footwell is wet, especially the back seat footwell.The condensation water drain is jammed and has to be thrusted through. In order to do it, it's eventually necessary to drill a hole.Jeep Grand Cherokee
The oil pressure sometimes rises up to the end stop. Oil and oil filter have been replaced already.The cable of the oil pressure sensor is broken or the isolation defective and connects to ground. Possibly the oil pressure sensor itself is defective. Possibly an oil line is jammed.Jeep
The heating does not work. The ventilation works and the engine gets warm.The heater control valve is jammed or defective, or the cooling system has to be bled and/or refilled.Jeep Cherokee
The winker winks very irregularly, but the hazard flasher works fine.This is running via different relays. The one for the winker (3 contacts) is located in the wiring loom left side of the steering column, down behind the car dashboard covering. The relay of the hazard flasher (2 contacts) is located at the fuse panel in the leg room at the drivers side.Jeep Cherokee 1991
When starting up with the wheels bent or going around curves slowly, there is a squeaking sound coming from the rear axle. The inner and outer wheel bearings, as well as the seal ring have already been replaced.The track lock discs of the differential are defective.Jeep