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Car repair collection

The wiper motor has only the power to move, when switched to the highest level.Insufficient power supply (poor contacts on plugs, switches, clips) or wiper motor defective (parts of the coil burnt-up, collector / carbons worn out). As a test, connect the motor directly to the battery, running normally then means the problem is with the power supply.Hyundai Lantra 1.8 GT
There's a whistling sound when braking.There's an acoustic wear indication. The brake pads have to be replaced.Hyundai GK
The engine needs several seconds for returning to normal idle speed after having stepped on the gas.Probably the mass air flow meter is defective.Hyundai GK
Heavily increased oil consumption and black smoke coming from the exhaust.The valve stem sealings, the piston rings or the bearing sleeves are worn out.Hyundai Accent GT
There's oil coming from the exhaust.Te turbo charger, the piston rings or the crankshaft case ventilation are defective.Hyundai S Coupe
Once the engine has run, and is stopped then, it only starts very poorly. One has to try about 5 to 6 times and wait for some seconds. The battery, the spark plugs and ignition cables are new. The starter inhibitor is OK.Check all vacuum hoses for ruptures. Possibly the excess fuel return valve is defective.Hyundai Coupe