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Car repair collection

After frequent starting and stopping of the engine, it wouldn't start anymore. The starter rotates. After some time the engine starts again. Now it has even failed once while driving.Possibly defective solder joint on the ignition relay. Possibly ignition module in the distributor or the distributor defective. The ignition module is located beneath the distributor at the engine block. Possibly burnt up contacts on the electric fuel pump.Honda Accord
The engine gets no ignition spark, the ignition relay has already been replaced.Check distributor, ignition coil and ignition unit. Check toothed belt: remove distributor cap, let the starter rotate, the distributor arm has to turn.Honda Civic
There are starting problems, depending on the engine temperature. Starts fine with cold engine. But when having run warm and being turned off, it doesn't start anymore. The battery and the spark plugs are new.Renew the fuel filter. As a workaround the left screw at the fuel filter can be loosened briefly (don't remove) and fixed again, so the pressure in the fuel system gets reduced.Honda Civic 1992
The window regulators have become very slow.Lower the windows and spray a bit of silicone spray into the guide rail.Honda Civic
The car doesn't start anymore. Spark plugs, battery and ignition cables are new. Ignition spark and fuel supply are OK. The distributor has been cleaned.Probably the ignition module is defective.Honda Civic 1.5
The idle speed is at 2500 rpm with cold engine, when the engine gets warm, it periodically fluctuates between 1000 and 2500 rpm.A vacuum hose or the air intake seal defective.Honda Civic 1,6 VTec 16V
There is a grinding sound. It vanishes when actuating the clutch.The release bearing of the clutch is defective.Honda Civic