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Car repair collection

Full beam and dim light don't work anymore. The lever/switch is OK.Possibly the light switch (not the dim/full beam switch) defective. Possibly the relay.Fiat Lancia
When standing with the engine going on idle speed, exhaust gas enters into the drivers compartment via the ventilation.Exhaust system in the engine compartment, crank case ventilation or exhaust gas recirculation leaky or defective.Fiat Punto
At first the third gear cracked slightly when shifted, but now it can not at all be shifted anymore.Synchronizing defective. All fiat gearing boxes can be repaired quite easily. Each rack-wheel respectively gearing part can be bought particularly. Take it apart and see what's defective.Fiat Uno
When starting cold, the car bucks shortly and dies off again. When restarting, it starts up poorly and one has to step a little on the gas, so the engine remains running. As soon as releasing the gas, it dies off again or runs unsteadily. As soon as the engine is warm, everything is OK.Humidity beneath the distributor cap.Fiat Punto
While driving, suddenly the engine, the lighting system and the entire electronics fail. The starter works, but the engine wouldn't start. The temperature indicator is on maximum and only the indicator lamps for oil and battery are lighted. After having stood for a couple of hours, everything works fine again.Check the workability of the battery and the alternator. Check, if the cover of the fuses in the engine compartment is in place.Fiat Uno 75 S.i.e.
In idle speed, the engine dies off, but starts up again immediately. When shifting gear, there's a notable short bucking.Replace spark plugs. Possibly ignition coil defective.Fiat Punto 1.1L 1995
When going on more than 60 mph for about 15 minutes and brake thereafter, the engine dies off. It can be started without problems afterwards.The throttle valve actuator is defective.Fiat Punto
When switching the dim-light on, only the parking light is on (both sides) but the wipers, ventilation, air circulation and air condition don't work anymore. When switching to the parking light, everything works fine again.Error in the "central comfort electric". Possibly various relays falsely connected in the relay box.Fiat Bravo
The car doesn't start anymore. The indicator lamps are lighted, when switching the ignition on, also the consumers work. But when trying to start, nothing happens.Possibly battery too weak. If the starter clicks when trying to start, the motor of the starter is defective => replace starter. If the starter doesn't click, the magnetic switch is defective or stuck => either replace the starter or try to loosen it with some light knocks on the magnetic switch (the small part at the starter) with a hammer while starting.Fiat Tipo
The car doesn't start up anymore. The only indicator lamp that still lights up briefly, is the one of the airbag.Check, if the battery poles are connected firmly, if the ground cable has a firm contact with the bodywork (if necessary fix it), if the battery is charged (if necessary recharge) and if the acid-level in the battery is correct. Otherwise, replace the battery.Fiat Punto
The car starts up poorly and runs very unsteady. It stutters, reacts poorly on the gas and sometimes dies off (especially with rainy weather). It can only be started again after two minutes. The fuel pipes and the filter have been cleaned.The hall effect pulse generator in the distributor is defective, replace it.Fiat Panda 1992
The shock absorber right front-side doesn't work anymore. It lets all impacts pass through undamped.The shock absorber might be frozen on the outside by splash water: set the steering on highest angle and defrost the shock absorber with a hot air fan or a hair drier.Fiat Punto