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Car repair collection

The central locking can be closed, but not opened.The servomotor at the drivers side has to be readjusted.Dodge Ram1500
The right winker does not work. Only the control indicator lights, though consistently.Check the wiring at the winker, if it is power supplied. Probably the relais is defective.Dodge
Extreme lack of performance. There is no boost pressure.The intercooler hose, that goes from the turbo to the intercooler possibly blows off under pressure, or has a massive leak, causing no boost. Possibly swing valve burned out. Possibly the inlet area gets sucked shut by contamination.Dodge
The car has a rough idle, oscillating between 700 and 1000 upm and the performance is as well as gone. You have to rev up to 2000 rpm before starting up, to avoid stalling. When pulling the spark plug wire on cylinder no. 2 or 3 in idle speed, there is no difference in engine sound or number of revolutions. Sparks arrive on every cylinder.The timing belt may have jumped a tooth. Have it readjusted or replaced and replace the tensioner. Take care, engine breakdown ahead.Dodge Daytona Shelby 2.5L Turbo
The car stalls all the time while driving.Probably the MAP sensor or its connections or wires at the sensor or at the computer are defective.Dodge Grand Caravan 3.8L
With rainy weather the engine does not start. The distributor has already been replaced.Spray the inside of the distributor and the cap as well as the rotor with WD-40 spray. Check the spark plug wires and the coil and all wires going to and from it. It can also be sprayed with WD-40.Dodge
The engine stalls out sometimes, when driving or stopping or turning corners. Almost everything on the throttle body was already replaced.The fuel pump is defective or its connection inside the tank has loosened.Dodge Ram 1500 4x4
Stopping with the AC running at a red light it starts blowing warm air. Taking off again and going for a second it gets cold again.Low freon charge. Possibly a leak somewhere or allowable loss over a long period. Check the condenser. Possibly the condenser fan is inoperable. It is a small fan on the drivers side, should be running always while a/c is on. If not, check the fuse no. 39 in the power distribution center under the hood.Dodge
The car keeps blowing the fuses for the dash lights every now and then.It's a short circuit or a bad bulb. Use a multimeter and see how many amperes are being drawn with all the lights on.Dodge
The break light and the ABS light remain on after starting and the speedometer does not work consistently, but goes on and off.A sensor on the rear differential, that controls these functions, has to be replaced.Dodge Ram 1500