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Car repair collection

The engine bucks in the lower range of revolutions and idles unsteadily.The idle speed micro switch at the carburetor is probably wrongly adjusted. Possibly the solenoid valves hang or are wrongly adjusted. Possibly the lambda probe is defective or the ignition wrongly adjusted.Daihatsu Cuore L201
The rear lights only work sporadically.It's a slack joint by an oxidized ground cable of the bulb sockets.Daihatsu Cuore L80
The 2. gear sometimes cannot be shifted.The release bearing and/or the clutch disc are worn out.Daihatsu Rocky 2,8 TD
The rev counter does not work anymore.Typically it's a bad solder joint in the rev counter, resoldering them might help. For that, the instrument paneling has to be removed.Daihatsu Charade CS
The car idles much too high or fluctuates between 1000 up to 2000 revs.Check all hoses and cables for damages. Disconnect the battery to reset the control unit. Possibly the lambda probe, resp. its cabling are defective. Possible the coolant level is too low.Daihatsu Charade
At 4500 to 5000 revs the engine starts to splutter and has loss of performance.Probably the connection of the ground cable to the injection system is loose and loses contact on higher numbers of revs.Daihatsu Charade GTI
The car squeaks when going over bumps or cobblestones.Possibly the exhaust has detached from one holder and scrapes somewhere at the underside or the push rod. Possibly the shock absorbers are defective.Daihatsu Applause
When accelerating, there is a clattering coming from the front.The drive shafts are defective.Daihatsu