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Car repair collection

When starting up, the engine stalls. If the car still has a bit of drive, the engine can be brought back to life by releasing the clutch. But with starter it won't start. After having waited for some time, it usually can be started again. The fuel filter and the relais of the ignition and the injection, as well as the AIS have already been replaced.The ground connection of the ignition coil possibly is loose or rusted. Check all other connections as well.Daewoo Matiz 0.8
The engine revs up to 3000 rpm in idle.The AIS has to be cleaned. Take care not to change the alignment of the AIS servo, else it has to be readjusted.Daewoo Lanos
The car bucks heavily when starting up.Possibly ignition coil defective. Check all cable connections. Replace ignition cables and spark plugs. Otherwise probably valve stem sealings defective.Daewoo Nexia
The direction of the interior ventilation can't be controlled anymore. The air always comes out on top.The fixing of the bowden cable sheath for controlling the air exit is detached. Remove the paneling and fix it.Daewoo Lanos
Consumption has increased heavily, up to 14 liters on 100 km. Eventually stutters on the motorway. Air filter and spark plugs have been replaced. The spark plugs are black.The mixture is too rich. Possible causes: motor control unit defective, lambda probe defective, temperature sensor defective or wiring defective on one or more places.Daewoo Nexia
The car loses about one liter of cooling liquid per week. No leak is visible.Check the oil level, to see if the water is flowing into the oil (cylinder head gasket). If not, one of the hoses has a barely visible leak, possible by a marten. If necessary detect it by a pressure test.Daewoo
When cold, the car idles roughly and stalls.The EGR valve is stuck open. Remove it and clean in from carbon residues.Daewoo
The air condition does not blow cold. The compressor comes on and it has enough freon.Probably the compressor is defective.Daewoo
The steering draws to the side accelerating, with changing engine load, the steering wheel gets a jerk.It could be a bad tire or worn bushings. Probably the four wheel alignment was not done properly. This car needs a certain load over each wheel in order to do the alignment correctly.Daewoo Nubira
The car breaks down often, it loses power and stalls. Check engine light keeps coming on when the engine seems to bog down.Check battery ground cable and all the rest of the wiring on the engine. Otherwise get a engine diagnosis done.Daewoo