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Car repair collection

The engine sometimes dies off in idle speed.Check idle speed servo for movability. If it is hooks or makes sounds, replace it.Citroen Saxo
After turning the engine off, it loses some drops of oil for a short time.The loss of oil possibly takes place through the engine ventilation (is located at the upper right side, seen from ahead. There's a little trough, in which possibly oil gathers (especially if there's too much oil in the engine).Citroen Xantia 1.8 16V
The engine sometimes runs on after pulling off the ignition key.Replace ignition lock.Citroen XM V6
After a standing time of about two weeks, the car doesn't start anymore. The fuses are OK, the starter inhibitor switches to green, the starter rotates. There's no voltage on the two-pole cable at the ignition coil when the ignition is turned on.Check plug connections under the brake fluid expansion tank (the two large ones with the clips) and the metal plate at the battery box, if necessary with use of contact spray. Possibly ignition module defective.Citroen XM
Sometimes there is a sound coming from both sides, when going down the border stone backwards with the wheels steered to one side, when driving on bumpy streets and after staying and starting to move off again. It sounds like knocking on peace of steel with a hammer. Both upper shock absorber bearings, springs and stabilizer have been replaced.Stabilizer or shock absorbers are defective.Citroen Saxo
When stepping on the gas, the engine rattles. It's getting louder, if accelerating under load.Possibly bearing damage.Citroen Xsara 1.8
The steering wheel has to be turned to the left a bit when driving strait on.The wheel tread is maladjusted. Possibly the track rod ends are worn (replace the track rod ends and then get the wheel tread adjusted).Citroen Saxo
The brake pressure point is just on three quarters of the pedal way. The brake works then. The brake fluid has been renewed and the system was bled.Possibly the master brake cylinder is defective. The brakes are safety relevant parts => don't mess around, but directly to the next garage.Citroen AX
The left winker doesn't work sometimes whereas the relay jitters. In the beginning it only occured with direction-indicator control pushed to the stop, meanwhile on almost every winking.The control unit of the direction-indicator control "COM2000" is defective.Citroen Berlingo HDI Multispace
When going into right-hand bends high speed, the car doesn't react on the gas pedal for some seconds thereafter.The splash plates in the tank are loose.Citroen ZX 1.4i
The engine control lamp often lights up.The valve, fixed on the manifold doesn't open widely enough, when the booster pump is blowing air into the catalytic converter. Replace the valve.Citroen Saxo 1.1