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Car repair collection

The computer indicates: "Check gates".Check the liquid levels of cooling liquid, brake fluid, engine oil, gearbox oil, etc.Chrysler Voyager
The car died off while driving and doesn't start no more. When switching on, the ignition coil is power supplied only briefly.The ASD relay (a little box right side in the engine compartment) or its fuse (fuseable link wire) are defective.Chrysler Voyager 2,5L
The car bucks when accelerating between 45 and 55 mph (70 kmh and 90 kmh). The plug leads and the control unit have already been replaced.Possibly the torque converter of the gearbox leaks internally and should be replaced in your time.Chrysler Vision
When stepping on the gas, a lot of black fume comes from the exhaust.Replace diesel filter and air filter. Possibly the diesel pump is defective or the medial radiator in the front leaks. Possibly the timing chain has gone baggy.Chrysler Voyager
Increasingly, there are dropouts when accelerating. One of the spark plugs is covered with oil (outside, under the plug connector).The oil in the spark plug hole is caused by a leaky plug connector sealing. Besides this, replace the spark plugs, plug leads and, if necessary, also the plug connectors.Chrysler Stratus LE2.0
The engine immediately dies off when stopping the car.Clean the throttle valve and the AIS. Otherwise replace the Automatic Idle Speed motor.Chrysler New Yorker
The ventilation works on maximum, the control element of the ventilation system with display has failed completely. It indicates nothing and reacts on nothing.Reset the control unit. If necessary try to resolder the solder joints of the control unit. Behind the batten above the glove box there's a small fan. Clean it and ply it with a silicone spray.Chrysler Vision
The interior lighting, the radio, the electric mirror and the central locking don't work. The fuses in the fuse box are OK.The fuse in the engine compartment blasted.Chrysler Voyager
Lacks performance when accelerating. The error codes 12 and 14 are indicated.Error code 12: The battery has been disconnected lately (will vanish itself). Error code 14: electronic failure in the MAP system. The MAP is located at the intake bridge and probably has to be replaced.Chrysler Voyager 3.3
While driving, the gearbox switches into an emergency program. After restating the car, it then runs fine for 60 miles (100 km) more.The gearbox control unit is probably defective and has to be replaced.Chrysler Stratus 2.5