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Car repair collection

When switching the wipers on, the 25 Ampere fuse blasts.The wiper motor is defective.Chevrolet Chevy Caprice Station
When running with load, the car bucks heavily. Meanwhile it hardly reacts on the gas.The fuel pump and/or one of the fuel pipes are leaky.Chevrolet Chevy G20
When turning the ignition key there just was a strange sound, that also stayed after having switched the ignition off. Then it started to show up fume and smell. Then the battery was disconnected immediately.Defect at the starter, the ignition lock or the cables leading from or to it (short-circuiting). Search for the scorch mark and repair the cause and all consequential damages before the battery is reconnected (risk of fire!).Chevrolet Chevy Blazer
When it's damp outside, the car is misfiring.A spark plug, the insulation of a spark plug wire or some other cable fail.Chevrolet Chevy Cavalier
There's coming oil from one of the openings of the fuel pump.The sealing, that seals up the drive of the fuel pump by the camshaft is defective.Chevrolet Chevy Caprice 305
When the engine has run warm and is being switched off, it often starts very poorly afterwards. The starter seems to have dropouts.Recondition the starter: replace the solenoid switch, the carbons and the sprocket and clean the contacts. The heat problem can be tackled by using a heat plate or ribbons or an electric radiator fan.Chevrolet Chevy V8
At the rear axle, from direction differential, there is an extreme cracking and clattering, when going slowly with the wheels slightly bent.Possibly the needle bearing of the cardan joint is defective, or the additive in the differential is missing.Chevrolet Chevy Caprice
The car leaks cooling liquid near the catalytic converter.Check the coolant hoses. Probably one of the frost stuffs is leaky. To replace it (ideally with one of brass), the coolant has to be drained. The stuffs are either screwed or driven in, and often badly accessible. Make sure while replacing, not to injure the engine block or the sealing surface.Chevrolet Chevy Caprice
When driving, there is a sound, coming from the engine compartment at the co-drivers side, especially with uneven roads and moisty weather. The suspension struts have already been replaced, without success.Probably the front wheel bearing are defective and have to be replaced.Chevrolet Chevy Alero 3.4L V6
Every 4 to 6 weeks the distributor cap has to be cleaned, as a film arises on the contacts.Check the engine ventilation and the sealing of the distributor from the engine. If the problem persists, 2 or 3 little holes can be drilled in the distributor cap as a workaround, and shielded from dirt by a net.Chevrolet Chevy Camaro RS
Going right bends, there is a popping sound in the front.Get the ball joints replaced.Chevrolet Chevy Jimmy