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Car repair collection

The engine overheats when charged heavily. There are no defects discoverable in the cooling system.If there is no loss of cooling liquid or a defective thermostat, an electric fan should be installed.Buick
Sometimes, when warm, the engine does not want to start. If cranking continually, 3 or 4 times, it will finally start. The computer had put out the code 13 "O2 sensor", so it had been replaced. No new codes. In idle speed it also sometimes seems to be stalling when trying to throttle up slightly. When stepping on the throttle heavily, it starts up.If the car has high mileage, probably the injectors are defective. It's also probable, that the fuel pressure regulator has gone bad.Buick 90
Starting problem, that happens every once in a while. When turning the key, there is no cranking and no lights. After trying for about 15 minutes it will turn over and start again. The battery is new.Most likely it's both battery cables corroded or with bad contact. Possibly bad ignition switch (electrical part of the starter switch) or loose connection at the starter solenoid.Buick 3.8
After having charged the battery, the car would run for about 30 miles and the battery is dead. After letting it set over night, the battery charges back just enough to start the car and then again is being drained. Battery and wires have been checked and the alternator replaced.The plug on the alternator, that fastens to the regulator is defective. The brown wire terminal inside the plug is stretched and is not getting good contact with the regulator.Buick Century
In idle speed the engine is running fine, but when accelerating or going uphill, the engine sometimes lacks performance.The throttle position sensor is probably defective.Buick Riviera
The ABS warning light comes on when when starting the engine and stays on. The brakes were checked and the drums in the rear replaced. The electrical ABS was checked. The warning light went out for a week then, thereafter went on again and stays on.Check the fluid level in the master brake cylinder reservoir. Otherwise check with an ABS capable scanner.Buick Century
There is an extremely loud, squeaking brake noise.Either it got a rock stuck between the brake pad and the brake disc, or it has thrown a pad. Have it repaired expressly.Buick Rendezvous