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Car repair collection

The car loses cooling water.Search for outer cooling water leakage. If nothing can be found with the naked eye, drive to a garage and get the cooling system checked with pressure.BMW 540i Touring
Whenever I close the front windows, they groan. It seems as if the window regulators are always readjusting.Should you have polished the car lately, or it was in the car wash (with hard wax polish), there will be polisher dust on the door rubbers. Handle them with grease or the like or replace window gaskets. Should the glass guidance be maladjusted, it has to be readjusted (door trim panel has to be removed).BMW E46
The heating (it's a model without air condition) only gets half warm. The thermostat has already been replaced.Possibly the heating system isn't bled well. Bleeding: heating control on maximal, ventilation on "1", ignition on, open expansion tank cap (engine has to be cold!), open bleeder screw and step on the gas shortly several times (up to about 4500 rpm). Possibly the water pump is defective.BMW 3er
The lighting of the heating / ventilation control has failed.Replace bulb (radio has to be removed).BMW 3er
After being in the washing-bay, for about 5 minutes, it would die off while driving again and again (no engine washing). Now it runs again, but every now and then suffers from loss of performance, speed drops.Possibly bad contact in the crank angle sensor. Possibly the control device is set under water (is located at the rear of the battery).BMW 3er
The car bucks and slams with warm outside temperatures. Especially when starting up in the area between 1500 to 1900 rpm. The spark plug have already been replaced.Possibly vacuum system leaky (then the ignition timing gets incorrect). Check all air hoses in the engine compartment for porosity and breakages.BMW 3er
Starting problems after a considerable time having stood in the cold. The car casts out dense white steam from the exhaust. After letting the starter turn a considerable time, it starts at last.Check the heater plugs and their power supply, as well as the starter and the battery. Diesel engines need a certain minimum engine speed for starting. Get checked the start of the injection and the start of the delivery. Possibly the tank pump, a suction nozzle or the fuel pipe defective, so that air gets into the fuel. Replace fuel filter.BMW Diesel
Problem with the central locking system. As an acoustic feedback I only get a buzzing or scratching from the left speaker area.Probably the error is with the wiring loom, which leads from the door to the interior. By frequent opening and closing these cables eventually break. To locate, the interior panelling in the foot well has to be loosened.BMW 316i
When the engine is cold, it's knocking like a diesel.Hydro plungers are knocking. There's an additive for it, for mixing into the engine oil.BMW 318i
The control lamp of the airbag is lighted.Probably the seat occupancy detection mat is defective. Have it replaced, the airbag is a safety relevant part.BMW