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Car repair collection

The engine often starts poorly and only after letting the starter turn for a long time. When stopping the engine thereafter, it starts immediately. After 1-2 hours there's the same problem.Have the following checked: engine valve timing, toothed belt, fuel pressure (system and stop pressure), hall effect pulse generator, camshaft identification sensor, speed transmitter and (if V6 5valve) camshaft timing. Maybe the compression is insufficient (possibly the engine has to be replaced).Audi A6 2.4 4B
Sometimes the engine doesn't start, as it gets no ignition spark. Mostly when being stopped for 10 minutes after short run. When waiting 20-50 minutes, it starts again. Spark plugs and cables are OK, error memory doesn't indicate an error. induction coil renewed.Possibly a defective hall effect pulse generator, that's a component of the dispenser. Instructions for checking: When the car doesn't start, pull off the cable that leads from the ignition coil to the dispenser (at the dispenser side), and with a distance of 3 to 5 mm hold it near the engine ground (use isolated pliers). If now a spark appears when starting, the hall effect pulse generator is OK. If not, the hall effect pulse generator or the ignition transformer is defective. This should never be checked without a booster gap!Audi B4
The engine stops sometimes while driving or when stopping at the traffic light.Power supply relay for the engine electronics is defective. Remove footwell trim on the driverside. Renew relay 109, left-hand on the relay mounting panel. Those who are skillful may even open and solder it.Audi A3 1,9 TDI
The car accelerates normally, but when I release the accelerator it starts to shake. The throttle control vibrates and the gear change lever vibrates extremely. If I gear down, so the engine comes to about 3000 rpm, the vibration stops.The engine is fixed at three places on the chassis: left, right and back at the gearbox. Maybe one of them is broke. Have the needle stroke signaler checked. Instruction: remove the engine cowling, check cable of the needle stroke signaler (injection jet cyl. 3), if OK let the warm engine run constantly on 3500 to 4000 rpm, have another person knock lightly against the needle stroke signaler with a wrench. ATTENTION: don't damage the cable and the nut of the injection tube. If the engine shakes, replace jet with needle stroke signaler. Other possibilities: dual-mass flywheel defective, wheel bearing defective or not correctly adjusted, constant-velocity joint defective, screw joint of the aggregate carrier defective or loose. Have the stub axle bearing checked.Audi 80 TDI B4
When releasing throttle control at medium numbers of revolutions, distinct grinding and scratching sounds appear, especially in a certain gear.The helical gearing of this gear is defective.Audi 80 B4 2,0
The error dump shows: "Exceeded control limit of the inlet pipe pressure". Since the turbo has been replaced, the car doesn't work that good anymore. The oil temperature rises faster when the engine is charged, and up to 210°F (100°C) instead of to 175°F (80°C).This error indicates a not correctly working control device of the turbocharger. Check charging pressure, measure on the basis of comparison with pressure test gauge and tester. Does the charging-pressure regulation work properly? Caution: With manometer the air pressure is zero bar, with pressure sensor about 1 bar. Check control device, all hoses, turbo boost control solenoid valve as well as the magnetic valve for the exhaust gas recirculation. Might also be, the control device only hangs when warm.Audi
When I want to start the car, there's a very loud fizzle. After the second or third trial the engine starts without problems.Probably a defect at the drive pinion and clutch of the starter or a damaged ratchet ring of the engine-flywheel. Remove the starter as fast as possible to have a chance to rescue the ratched ring. Otherwise it's going to get expensive.Audi
Starting problems when using Bio DieselWhen refueling Bio Diesel, your injection pump may soon be damaged.Audi A4 2,5 TDI
The engine stops at cold weather (of about 0 degrees Celsius) after short distance.Probably fuelfilter jammed. Replace.Audi 80 Diesel
After starting the engine after about one minute there's a red temperature warning, although it's nowhere near 90 degrees Celsius. If I turn off the engine and turn it on again, it disappears.Either a problem with the electronics (get a software update done) or the sensor for the water temperature is defective.Audi A3
When briefly stepping on the brake, the pedal doesn't return immediately and the control lamp lights up briefly. The handbrake opens normally. When the engine is running, the pedal can be pushed down to the bottom, although the garage has already bled the brake system.The master brake cylinder is defective. That's why bleeding doesn't work anymore. Have it repaired immediately, risk of accident!Audi 80 Avant
Various times daily, the car stops reacting on the throttle control. The car gets slower and the engine runs rough. At the same time the exhaust fumes get white, although the car doesn't lose water.It's a defective air flow sensor.Audi A6 TDI
After having changed automatic oil, the automatic transmission doesn't change gear correctly. 4. gear sometimes doesn't come in, sometimes arduously. It also happens, that only the 1. and the 2. gear work. And changing gears then is extremely rough.Check oil level, before it's too late. The described symptoms indicate lack of oil in the gearbox.Audi A6
When operating the air condition, the windshield always fogs over.Pollen filter jammed. Remove the cover under the wipers, the pollen filter is located in the big air fan box beneath a narrow platic cover.Audi 100 Avant
When cold, the engine works completely fine. But depending on the outside temperature the engine starts to choke. By turning off the engine for about 2 seconds, the problem vanishes short-term.The car has a KE-Jetronic injection system, which reacts very sensitive on drawing false air. The engine then immediately can't readjust that, or from a certain speed or temperature on. Then, the engine runs irregular or dies off. Also happens that the engine runs irregular because of a filthy air sensor plate. Check all hoses, plugs and remove the big hose from the mixture regulator in order to clean the air sensor plate.Audi 90 2,3 E
When the car is warm, sometimes the engine turm up to 4000 rpm in neutral and then stalls. Thereafter the car wouldn't start for a couple of minutes. Often this happens several times after proceeding.Tell your garage they should replace the water temperature sensor of the engine control system, just as a trial, and test drive it.Audi A3
The control lamp of the preheating system is flashing. The engine lacks performance. Replaced the heater plugs, voltage is present on the plugs.The control lamp is not only for the preheating system, but also indicates that a error is dumped in the error memory. Or battery weak, especially in winter.Audi Diesel
The mileage indicator doesn't work.The mileage indicator is defective and has to be replaced. The speedometer drive shaft is OK, otherwise the speed indicator wouldn't work at all. If you have an electronic speed indicator, then it might also be that the pacemaker inside the speed indicator is defective or shortcircuited.Audi 80 1.9 L
Dies off while driving, without bucking. After 1 or 2 minutes it the engine can be stated again. Read the error memory and it said error code 17978, which has something to do with the starter inhibitor.Try replacing the power supply relay of the engine control device. The microswitch of the drivers door is possibly defective, there are several of them, should be gauged through.Audi A3 1,9 TDI
Air condition automatic works irregular, if I set the switch to windshield, the warm air comes to the leg room, sometimes vice versa. When running on automatic, the air usually only comes to the leg room.Probably the servo motor for the defroster lid is defective.Audi A4 1,8 85 KW
In winter, the engine often wouldn't start. The battery has been replaced, loads without problems and after some time it's full. This always occurs after an idle time of 3 to 4 days, sometimes also in summer, but then only after a longer idle time. The battery always should be completely loaded when turning off, as I'm going long distance.First, the wiring of the radio should be checked. because the original plug configuration usually doesn't fit that of foreign products, so that you possibly install a steady consumer. The plug configuration can be learned from the installation manual of the radio, the car's configuration in the internet. You must accordingly change the contacts, or you may use an adaptor. At the power amplifier you should check the power consumption with the radio turned off, should there be a leakage current it might be an error in the remote control device or in the power amplifier.Audi A4 2.5 TDI
From 160 km/h (100 mph) on there's a heavy wind noise coming from the window on the front passenger side. When pushing it in direction outside, the noise vanishes. The gaskets seem OK.Rather let the garage correct it, as with the 4 screws and adjusting wedges you can readjust the whole door aggregate bearer, and once falsely adjusted, it's not very easy to readjust. Adjustment indicators: bearing pressure to the door gasket and position of the aggregate bearer to the roof.Audi A4 2.5 TDI
The headlight range adjust completely down after short distance driven, so that the light cone just reaches 2 to 5 meters. The computer doesn't report an error. The headlight range adjustment is automatic.There's an entry in the intern service technology manual. Possibly in the archive. Check drive voltage of the sensors left ahead and left behind and the wiring of the sensors (on breakage at the entrance into the cable routing). If necessary replace adjustment servos. Audi A6 Kombi TDI 2,5 Automatik
Lower beam headlamps fail. The halogen lamp H7 and the fuse (#20) are OK. There is no voltage at the lamp, but level control, which is connected in parallel works faultlessly.Often the wiring kit in the headlight is defective. Check chassis ground connection.Audi A4 Avant 1.9 TDi (B5)
At first, at certain numbers of revolutions the interior lighting failed, now the fuses blast every now and then (computer, window lifters, etc.).Get the error memory read, check the alternator regulator, measure charging voltage and currency, if necessary replace the regulator. Regarding the window lifters check the cables inside the rubber bellows of the doorsAudi
Sometimes the engine dies off while driving. Thereafter problems starting the car. But when it is finally running, there are no further problems. Sometimes there's smoke when starting, and an odor of gasoline.The fuel pump relay or the relay for the power supply of the engine control device is defective. Possibly carburetor wrongly adjusted. If the engine is smoking, the mixture probably is too rich.Audi 80
The engine is constantly speeding too high in neutral. But when pushing the control throttle several times, the rpms come down again.Check and if necessary adjust the basic settings of the air sensor plate and the air mass measurer. Check idle-speed control.Audi 80
The defrost regulation doesn't work anymore. I adjust it on windshield, and it still blows into the passenger compartment. Same with the leg room.Possibly the servo for the temperature or the butterfly valve defective. Get the error memory read. From the measured data blocks can be learned if the servo is being triggered and runs. If it runs, probably the leverage is defective, if not, it's usually the potentiometer in the servo => replace servo. Rarely it's the cable between the control device for Climatronic and the servo. If the servo is being replaced, or the control device was unlinked, there has to be done a basic adjustment with a test device (garage).Audi A6 Avant C4
The turbo was replaced, because the old one was defective. The error memory has been read and there was no error indicated. But the in the lower band of numbers of revolutions, the car lacks performance.The exhaust gas recirculation valve is defective. Check instructions: remove the tube of the exhaust routing (right hand of the turbo charger) by removing the two allen screws. Tailor-make a metal plate and insert and fix it in between, to prevent fumes to be lead into the engine by a not closing valve. Should the engine thereafter run and have the normal performance, replace the exhaust tube routing valve.Audi A6 2.5 TDI
I went for 400 KM with the car. On the way I realized that my temperature indication works irregularly. It oscillates between 165°F (75°C) and 195°F (90°C).Indicator in the combination device defective.Audi A4
Even after driving a long distance with the car, the temperature indicator wouldn't move much. And sometimes it occurs, that the ventilator continues running for about half an hour after having turned off the engine, also when the temperatures are low. Sometimes the ESC indicator turns on while driving or when cold starting.Temperature regulator for the cooling medium is defective and has to be replaced.Audi
Standing on the traffic light, the number of revolutions falls from 900 rpm to about 500 rpm, then the engine catches itself and turns up on about 1200 rpm. Only when the engine is warm.Check the servo vacuum hose, at the suction tube it often teared up. Partly there's a heatshield above, so it's difficult to see. If this is OK, it might be a failure in the idle speed control.Audi 80 B4
When driving in the 4. or 5. gear with moderate numbers of revolutions, it starts to buck quite heavily. At a higher speed (ca 130 Km/h = 80 mph) it's gone again. The clutch has been checked, needle roller bearing replaced. Bearing of the axle bracket has been renewed. Error "MotorKB 1Z" in the error memory? Causes might be: quantity control box of the fuel injection pump, needle stroke control, injection pump nozzle Cyl. 3, Controller for the throttle control adjustment, leakage in the intake system between turbo and the induction pipe, hoses of the induction pipe control, induction pipe control (located in the control device for the engine electronics). The control device for the engine electronics is located in the legroom of the front passenger, ahead at the dash board.Audi 80 TDI
When accelerating, the engine starts to buck, as if setting out, several times successively. After 2 or 3 seconds it recovers, also then on a higher number of revolutions. Fuel filter was already replaced.Get the error memory of the control device read and inicialized. Possibly the rotational speed sensor. A beginning defect or disorder can show that way. Important: toothed belt and belt pulley should be checked and OK. Possibly the toothed belt might have missed out. Might also be the air mass gauge, the injection pump or the fuel pump.Audi 80 TDI B4 1994
Shortly there was a marten at my car. Since then, the tachometer is jerking.At the gearbox there's a cable for the tachometer signal. Probably it's isolation has been bitten through and water enters.Audi A4 Avant
The window lifter opens and closes more and more slowly.Certainly the plastic support brackets of the glass plate are torn off from the cable pull. Depending of the model year you can buy them separately. If not, the whole window lifter has to be replaced.Audi A3
The car shows the error "suction/pressure tube regulation difference". When driving, the turbo simply turns off, joined with a drop in performance.Get computer read, possibly the air flow sensor fails. Have the boost pressure adjustment valve checked, if necessary replaced. Check it's hoses.Audi Avant 1,9 TDI 1996
Changed from the standard radio (Concert 1) to a JVC radio, and now the reception quality is inacceptable or no reception possible.Try a "phantom powering adapter". Is being placed between antenna cable and radio, the power supply cable of the adapter can be connected to the switch exit of the radio (for example control exit for amplifier).Audi A4
While driving, above all in the city, the idle speed increases successively from 1100 rpm to 1500 rpm, then to 1800 rpm and so on. The highest was 2800 rpm. Once the car had been turned off, it starts all over.The cooling medium temperature controller is defective or the rubber hose connection between intake manifold and the plastic tube of the brake servo unit. There the engine might draw air falsely.Audi 80 Typ 89 1,8
Sometimes the car wouldn't start, heater plug test lamp (orange) lights up although the car had been going just before. After a lot of starting trials the lamp goes off and the car starts. Sometimes the engine dies off while driving and the lamp lights up again.The relay No. 300 in the legroom (drivers side) beneath the steering wheel is probably defective.Audi 80 B4 1,9 TDI 1992
Doesn't start anymore, instead the fuse No.12 melts when turning ignition on. At first the instruments didn't work anymore. Later the car would only start with starting aid, when trying 5 minutes after a 30 KM (20 miles) tour. Then the car would also die off while driving. Replaced the alternator, success only temporary.Probably the ignition switch is defective.Audi 80 Typ 89 2.0 82 KW
After renewing the oil the control lamp for change of oil is still lighting up. Is there a way to turn it off?Switch ignition off, press the reset button for the mileage indicator for at least 5 seconds, switch ignition on for at least 5 seconds, switch of again, and leave the button again after 5 seconds. Thereafter, the service interval should have been reset. Audi A6 1995
The window lifter clinches. It only would go up a bit, growing more and more slow, then going down again with normal speed. The windows closes only by manual assistance.A canting problem in the slideways of the window or a problem in the mechanism itself. As one direction still works, it wouldn't be the motor. The driving back comes from the security mechanism that prevents from being squeezed. You'll have to disaggregate the door and have a closer look.Audi A3
After an extremely cold night, the gas pedal started to get independent and accelerated without stepping on it. Stepped on the clutch then, and the engine speeded up to the engine speed limiter.Idle speed control valve. Sometimes it already helps knocking on it.Audi
When refueling, the catch jumps out just after 3 seconds, is if the tank was full. The fuel comes out again.Probably ventilation hose jammed.Audi
Tries to start going all by itself, bucks various times. When trying to switch to "D", the automatic switches to idle gear and the display shows "N"The rubber gasket on the gearbox has dropped, so the plug has become wet.AUDI 80 B4 2.3 Automatik
The car suddenly dies off and wouldn't start anymore. After two days it started again and ran without problems.The hall effect pulse generator is defective.Audi Coupe 1990
In the morning, the car start only after five or ten minutes and runs like a tractor first. When stopping the engine after one or two minutes, the car would start normally for the rest of the day. Ignition spark is coming.Cold starting temperature sensor defective.Audi 80 1.8 Mono Jet
The engine only goes up to above 3500 rpm very sluggishly, especially when being warm.Possibly catalytic converter or fuel filter jammed. Possibly fuel distributor defective.Audi 80 Coupe 2.3 Typ 89
The car loses diesel where the pipes go to the jets. There in the middle, where the dummy plug for the delivery rate dial gauge is set, at a big screw.As this is a EDC-pump, one shouldn't screw around there. If dirt enters there, the pump will be destroyed => garage.Audi A4 TDI
The performance of the car has declined to 50%. Going uphill a little in the fifth gear, it doesn't run more than 60 mph (100 km/h). Up to 2000 rpm it runs fine, thereafter the turbo should set in.Check the linkage of the control device on the turbo charger, might be broken (in that case, the control rod can be moved easily with long nose pliers). If so, the turbo charger has to be replaced. Possibly the turbo boost control solenoid valve or it's hoses or the thrust air circulation valve. Possibly air flow sensor defective.Audi A4 Turbo
The right wheel house puts out smoke, smelling of burnt rubber, when the car is warmed up.Right Engine mount (hydraulic bearing) defective. Therefore, oil is running onto the hot exhaust manifold and thus produces the smoke.Audi A6 Avant 2,8 Automatik