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Car repair collection

The idle speed drops when standing, and often the engine dies off. The diagnostic program in the garage doesn't find an error.Clean idle speed control servo. Possibly the TDC-sensor is defective.Alfa 156 2.0
A noisy, metally grinding, rattling sound comes from the bottom side of the car. In the garage a sheet metal has been fixed by welding. In spite of this, the noise appears every now and then briefly. It's like drawing metal boxes across the street. But unsteady. Scarcely it's also audible when standing.Possibly bearing damage. Possibly the period adjuster. Possibly the catalytic converter in the exhaust is loose from its bearing.Alfa 156 1.8
When going over bumps, there's a creaking coming from the front, left and right. It sounds as if it occured when disburdening the axle, not when burdening it, i.e. when the car rebounds. Sounds like throwing oneself into an old sofa.Replace the upper transverse control arm or try to treat it with a silicone spray.Alfa 156 V6
The engine and the heating don't really get warm in the winter.Replace the thermostat.Alfa
From time to time the engine starts to stutter and can only be kept running by stepping on the gas a lot. When stopping the engine briefly, it then runs again without problems.Check and clean the connections of all cables and check the fuel pump power supply. If necessary replace (both) ignition coils and all cables.Alfa 155 T-Spark
When activating the slow interval, the windshield wipers stutter, as if almost would hang.Remove the wipers and clean the sliding contacts.Alfa 145